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Security Wall

No description

Jennifer O'Connor

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Security Wall

Security Wall
When Finished, the wall will be about 600 mi long and will isolate the West Bank.

34 fortified checkpoints - 3 main terminals, 9 commercial terminals, and 22 terminals for cars and workers that control all Palestinian movement.

634 checkpoints or other military obstructions including trenches, roadblocks, metal gates under Occupation control.
The Wall
Land Loss: What does that mean?
No Way Through
Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Perspectives and Solutions
Israel's Claim
It is not possible to side with either of the two peoples in this issue without rejecting some truths...

Two sides to every story...
Palestinians are suffering
economically and are
forced from their homelands
into refugee camps

Israel has a rightful,
legal claim to the land

Future Peace
Should Israel be divided into one state or two states?
- Why?
- If 2 states, how would you divide the land?

How should the power (political control) be divided?
- Why?

How will peace be maintained (Try your best)?
Cycle of Violence
Possible Solutions
Finding a solution is just the tip of the iceberg...
Two State
Borders are defined and set for both Palestine and Israel to have their own independent country
One State: Israel
All territory will be given to Israel

Israel will have the power
One State: Palestine
All territory will be given to Palestine

Palestine will have the power
One State: Secular
Israel and Palestine will share the land with no barriers

Separation of Church and State
Please answer the following
questions in 3-5 sentences.
From Fighting to 'Friending'
Social Media
Common interests
Education & Understanding
but it can become the foundation for more
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