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Greatest Achievement: Airplane

No description

Charlene Ballard

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Greatest Achievement: Airplane

1903- Wright Brothers
Forces that Make an Airplane Fly
Forward Force
Helps to produce lift
Created by propellers or jet engines
1914- First Commercial Flight
St. Petersburg to Tampa Bay, Florida
The flight lasted 23 minutes
The Airplane: The Greatest Engineering Achievement

Presentation By: FEDDS Watching

Works against lift
Pulls plane to the ground
1930- The Jet Engine
When Things Go Bad
Charlene Ballard
Matt Garner
Sarah Klug
Brandon Summers
1939- Heinkel 178 was developed in Germany and was the first plane to use the jet engine
Resistive force to thrust
Caused by friction from wind
Bernoulli: High speed=Low Pressure
Air hits leading edge, splits, and rejoins
Faster over top, slower under bottom
Top of wing has lower pressure causing lift
Newtonian: Air is deflected off bottom of wing causing lift
Invented by Frank Whittle
Twin Engines
Mass Production
The Black Box
Boeing developed the largest passenger plane at the time, the 747
TWA Flight 800
"Deadliest and most mysterious commercial air crash in U.S. aviation history" - CIA
We just saw and explosion up ahead of us...It just went down—to the water."-Captain David McClain
"Most expensive, complex, and costly air disaster"- CIA
The Benefits of the Airplane
Cargo Transportation

Thank You
The Benefits of The Airplane
Boeing 747-8F Freighter
Commercial Airline Industry
-41,821 airports in the world (2013)

-supports approximately 58.1 million jobs worldwide

-global net profit of $10.6 billion (2013)

The Benefits of The Airplane
-52% of all international tourists travel by air

-9,706,403 total flights in 2013 from USA airports alone
The Airplane IS the
Greatest Achievement

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