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No description

sahima murguia

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of FitMe

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com

This century, more than any, demands much more from people's awaken time.
In developed economies longer work hours and extensive travel puts its toll on our health.

... we know that you are time constrained
you constantly run short on time to keep in shape...
But you do care about your health...
That's why
fits you...
Our company FitMe is a web based fitness solution
That delivers a variety of quality exercise video streams...
to time constrained individuals who can tailor their fitness programs...
based on their needs and time availability
What does
Quick Start a Session...
Zen, Flex & Relax
Cardio Deploy
Maximize your time!!!
Build Up & Tone In
..or Tailor Your Own Session
Select Your Club
Trial Member
Web Visitor
Why do people not workout?
Declining Motivation to Workout
Time Constraint
Limited Access to Workout Options
Low Perceived Value for Money Spent
Time profile
But activity levels have dropped
Health and Fitness Industry USD$21.4bn (0.9% annual growth)
Health clubs
Personal training
Current Industry
US Population 323mn (2011)

Active workforce ca. 153.5mn
47% exercise actively
*Age range of 25 – 55
**Fitness spending USD$200/month

Total: 68.7mn are time constrained
Reasons of Paradox
Home-based fitness production segment USD$265mn (an annual growth of 11.2%)
Popularity of Overall Fitness
Communication Plan
Activities & partnerships
Capital requirement USD$2.8 MM
Break-even and payback
throughout year 2
Revenue Model
Up-front Costs

Video compilation & Transition
Cost Structure
Key Partners.. Trainers
Who is the
The FitMe User's Experience
Enter your workout time
Consumer Validation
Voice of the Customer: Barajas Intl T4 on April 4th 2013
FitMe's Value Proposition
Second FitMe Survey Respondents: 39
* American Sports Bureau
* American Sports Bureau
* US Census 2012

First FitMe Survey Respondents: 100

First FitMe Survey Respondance: 100
* US Census 2012
** American Express Consumer Spending 2012
* US Census 2012
** American Express Consumer Spending 2012
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