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Career Analysis- Teacher

No description

Paige Rimmer

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Analysis- Teacher

Job Responsibilities:
•Communicates effectively (orally and in writing) with students, parents, administrators, and boss.
•Implies constructional work for the grade level that is being taught and make sure that they are advancing academically.
•Identifies, selects, and modifies lessons for the needs of students with various backgrounds.
•Maintains cooperation with students, parents, and school.
•Models correct ethical and professional standards.
Education Requried for this Career:
To be an elementary teacher or a public school teacher you must have your bachelor’s degree in this is required for all 50 states. Public school teachers need to be licensed. Some of the other education required would be too pass state certification exams and complete continuing education credits. Colleges that offer the certified program to become a teacher:
•University of Central Florida
•University of South Florida
•Walden University
•Capella University
•University of Phoenix
•Grand Canyon University
•American InterContinential University
Salary range for this Career:
The range in salary for an elementary school teacher is anywhere between 35, 000- 55, 175 dollars a year. This all depends on the experience the teachers have. About the career What’s the future for this career in 10 years?
The job opportunities for teachers will vary from good to excellent depending on the state you live in and the subject that they teach. The number of teachers is supposed to increase by the year 2018 because many people will be retired and there will be more job openings to become a teacher. There are many math and science teachers and that will never be a problem for the future, but many cities are having trouble finding English teachers and they think cities will have the same problem in the future.
Where in the U.S. and in the world will this career most likely be in the highest demand in the future?

In the future researchers have not quite figured out exactly where teaching will be at its highest demand in the future. Although, they do believe that teaching will be wanted in countries like Taiwan, Korea, and China because America’s goal is apparently to teach people English. This means that English teachers (teachers who teach English) will be wanted to travel around the world to teach other countries the English language.
Knowledge is POWER... Technology:
A lot of teachers who have access to computers to make constructional materials and also to be able to record administrative keeping. Also teachers are using the Internet to find model lesson plans, top access research, or the best ways to teach a subject. Customers:

1.The customers that teachers have to deal with are the students who they teach everyday hopefully to reach their goal for the kids to become better academically. Another customer is the parents of the students, you have to be able to communicate with the parents and let them know how their children or child are doing. Teachers also have to work with their boss (which is the Principal of the school) and usually the other teachers in their grade level.

2.Some other businesses teachers work with are supply stores and even online sites that give helpful tips and model lesson plans. Teachers usually go to a teacher supply store which has inventory for students such as math packets or informative games. Also, some sites sell their model lesson plans to other teachers who need help teaching a certain subject.
Science and Math:

1.One of the main problems that teachers deal with that they must solve is Student Motivation, teachers most push the students to do their very best or otherwise they would not want to attempt to become better or try hard in your class.

2.Math is used in this career because it is one of the daily things children must be taught at school. Teachers will usually spend 10-15 minutes at the beginning of the class going over what the lesson is for that day. Then they give the children time to work on the problems and see if they understand it. Also, most teachers have “group time” to where they let a group work together on the lesson and see if they can help each other. Towards the end of the class, the teacher usually gives out a worksheet that needs to be done at home and brought in the next day.
Written and Verbal Communications:

1.Teachers usually do work with a team or the other teacher's in the grade level and verbal and written skills needed to work in a team very important. Teachers usually work on their own. However, there are times when teachers must get together with other teachers to make sure that they are doing the correct teaching and to communicate so that there are not a lot of projects going on for all the students.

2.Teachers must have good written and verbal skills with their customers. The importance of verbal and writing skills when dealing with children or students is that teachers must be adaptable and willing to change plans in order to teach the children correctly.
The End! By: Paige Rimmer
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