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Appverse Web

No description

Carlos Lozano

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Appverse Web

Web Appverse Web Appverse Web is an open-source web application development platform powered by GFT Appverse. It aims to make web developer’s life easier by providing architectural solutions based on well-known and proven open-source frameworks and third-party libraries both for server-sides and front-ends based on Java technologies. Contact us! Get involved! GFT Group | T +49 6196 969-0 | www.gft.com | info@gft.com Appverse Web Key Features Patterns & Best Practices Appverse Web saves you time and headaches by providing a good and tried solution for different scenarios! Want to know more? Talk to us! Rich Internet Application Development Stack Appverse Web reduces the risk of bad architectural practices by providing and enforcing a wide set of best practices and architectural patterns among all architecture layers. RIA Front-end Solution Rich Internet Application paradigm allows you to develop web applications with many of the characteristics of desktop application software providing very rich, dynamic and functional interfaces for end users. Modularization Flexibility There are many modules for the back-end side as well covering different aspects such as: SOAP Web Services integration, batch processing, security, JPA integration, among others. Desktop
Applications Web
Applications Appverse Web is not a closed development platform. It can be extended with your own solutions or integrated with new third-party libraries and frameworks. The system integration layer has no limits. Core JSON JPA SOAP

No need to focus excessively on technical matters, focus on building the functionality... from day one. Appverse Web stays up-to-date and is constantly growing thanks to GFT engineers and the community, offering more and more technical solutions for different front-end and server-side scenarios. Appverse Web The incredible flexible system integration layer Front-end Web Technologies Web Services Use the GWT modules if you are developing your presentation based on RIA GWT framework. Choose JSF2 modules if you are using Java Server Faces as your back-end framework. Publish your backend RestFull services using JSON open standard interface for clients that require lightweight data exchange formats/protocols as mobile apps do. Adopt SOAP Web Services integration for connecting enterprise applications agnostically. GWT JSF2 JSON RestFull SOAP RIA
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