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Career Shadowing


kelsey roeseberg

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing

Kidney disease and dialysis DaVita is a leading provider of kidney care in the United States, providing dialysis services and education for patients with chronic kidney failure and end stage renal disease Davita helps people with chronic kidney disease To uptain this job you need atleast a bachelor's degree in nutrition in science Name: Karen Roeseberg
Career: Registered Dietitian The technology used in this job would be the computer. My menter is very dependent on the computer. She monitors and contracts lab data, and put in doctor's orders. Skills:
You need good listening skills when you have to talk to the patients. Good verbal skills are important to comunicate with patients. Over 20 million people have chronic kidney disease. Davita is one of the major companies that provide dialysis. I suspect that davita will grow in 15 years, the leading causes of kidney failure(diabetes and high blood pressure) are increasing, as the population is aging. The best thing that I like about this job is that it is salary, where you don't clock in and out. You work intill the work is done. One thing that I don't like is that all the hard and complicated words you have to learn. The average dietitan makes arounds $24-$27 an hour and $54,000 annually. Employability skills:
Honesty- To protect the patients HIPPA(Health Insurance Privacy And Portability Act)
Uniform- Need to dress professionally and wear a lab coat.
Meet deadlines- Need to get paperwork done before a certin time
Follow Directions- Do assigned work I might want to have a career in the medical feild but not with this company. <-- me by the Davita purpose sign
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