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training workshop

No description

melissa zimmerman

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of training workshop

Conclusions 3 Day Training Workshop: Improve your management skills
& become a TOP ACHIEVER presented by: The 5 Musketeers
Katie Haggerty, Melissa Zimmerman, Christiny Thick, Paula Burns & Tyreese Edwards “To develop an educational and operative training seminar with the intent of creating and a molding a high performing consulting manager.” Mission Statement: Our Target Market: current and prospective consulting managers What We Observed: current managers with little experience and no formal training
low performing managers who lack sufficient people skills, manager finesse and effective communication skills
businesses operating without the teamwork necessary to achieve the best overall results We Created this Workshop Because: businesses can increase its competitive advantage by developing an efficient and effective management team
the cost to replace poor performing managers can be expensive
estimates show final cost to company equals previous manager's salary
it is critical to develop and retain consulting managers; their median salary: $92,298
companies are strongly encouraged to provide all prospective managers with formal training - Consulting involoves either identification of a problem or analysis of a specific area of an organization and then reporting findings
- Managers:
Advise employees of new consulting techniques or practices
Organize team's activities
Focus on team's day-to-day tasks
Ensure team completes projects in a timely manner What Consulting Managers do: Workshop Objectives: Trainees will:
- Build on foundational management skills
- Properly identify and demonstrate characteristics of a successful consulting manager
- Learn to manage multiple projects, improve communication skills and increase confidence level
- Be motivated to lead team to success Three Day Breakdown of Workshop Managing Yourself, Team and Network DAY ONE:
Managing Yourself DAY TWO:
Managing Your Team DAY THREE:
Managing Your Network Successful managers are carried by subordinates who are: - motivated
- know what is expected of them
- have access to appropriate resources and technologies
- well trained Successful team-management
increases probability that
they will achieve high
performance results! Day Two Modules: 1. Effective teamwork examples and discussion on Steven Covey's
7 Habits of Highly Effective People- presented by Guest Speaker

2. Team Formation and Different types of teams- interactive group
exercise used to explain Tuckman's team development model

3. Effective Team Communication- flashcards with different talking
points are used to refine participants' active listening skills

4. Task Assignment- groups will act as a knowledge management system, the goal is to act as a cohesive unit to solve a problem under a time constraint

5. Problem Solving- watch film on Lean Six Sigma problem solving methodology

6. Diversity- self-study of deep level diversity and case study of
Pricewaterhousecoopers (a consulting firm with national recognition
for its diversity initiatives

7. Motivation- Prezi presentation focusing on the
top 5 motivational theories and applications Completing the training seminar based on Managing Yourself, Managing Your Team and Managing Your Network will prove to be beneficial to the individual as well as his or her respective corporation. Key Financial Information: - specific pricing for the training workshop was determined by overall market figures.

- most cost effective space for various local corporations: Holiday Inn, Dumfries at Quantico

- location offers various options to participating corporations, including a bundle package
for the training and guest rooms charged at a corporate rate

- total cost for this option would be $899/trainee

- estimated total cost including lodging = $31,160

- calculated breakeven point would be reached when 34th person registers

- workshop will generate estimated $55,144 profit per session with enrollment
of 96 trainees, not including overhead costs

- also allows the option for corporations to buy a “table”
at the training session, for multiple employees of the same company
to attend the training session and work together on all modules Marketing Recommendations - free or inexpensive online marketing channels such as
Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter

- local trade publications can help increase awareness of workshop

- partnerships with professional organizations such as Management Consultants USA and top universities like
Princeton, Harvard and the Wharton School of Business

- websites resembling Sologig.com provide a platform
for those seeking a consulting management position There are a number of ways
to reach our target market: Networking is listed as one of those key traits in a field where it literally pays to have stronger connections. Opportunities will present themselves as you improve your network. Day Three Modules: 1. Communication- participants will take part in role playing scenarios and will learn various techniques that can improve communications within a network or group

2. Building Your Network- trainees will learn simple rules to will vastly improve their DNA
(Dynamic Networking Abilities) and importance of building allies within the office

3. Developing Your Elevator Pitch- trainees will watch a short video and learn the five key steps: figure out what is unique about you, make it exciting, keep it simple,
write it down, and practice, practice and practice some more

4. Training Recap and Assessment- review concepts of previous sessions
and end with an open-ended discussion to ensure all participants have a
complete understanding of each day's training materials
1. Planning- review of the Harvard Business Review article, "Managing Oneself," and group discussion

2. Time Management- illustration of time management skills and deficiencies through an
interactive game

3. Communication Skills- trainees will identify useful communication tools by using analytical skills and abilities through the analysis of corporate financial statements in small groups.

4. Goal Setting- mandatory component of goal sharing is excitement, participants
will share work and life goals in order to stir excitement about future opportunities

5. Professionalism- Situational-based interaction including
discussion about trainee's reaction and solutions Individual management skills will assist the trainees in successful team and network abilities. Harvard Business Review states: “The path to your own professional success starts with a critical look in the mirror” Day One Modules:
Price per person rate $899.00
Price per table rate $6,500.00
(reduced for corporate rate)

Early Bird
Per person $799.00
Per table $6,000.00 Training Workshop Rates:

Number of attendees 96
Cost per attendee $899.00
Revenue $86,304.00

Cost of event with hotel $31,160.00

Profit $55,144.00 Revenue Per Seminar: Break Even Point:
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