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Social Advertising

No description

Toma Paulauskaite

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Social Advertising

What is social advertising? Advertisements that promote a community's health and well being, such as programs that educate people about drugs, diseases and other social issues. Social advertising is divided into: Political advertising
Charity advertising
Government advertising
Nonprofit organization advertising Aims of social advertising Affect a person's morality
Develop aesthetic taste
Influence feelings
Propagate the correct lifestyle
Help to combat with stereotypes
Change behavior or opinion Social advertising purpose Is to create new social values and thus affect human feelings, to make a person think about existing problems and to solve them in the long-term perspective. Social advertising in the society performs the following important integrating functions: Consequently, social advertising, possessing the aim to ... Thank you, Toma Paulauskaite Social advertising INFORMS PERSUADES ENCOURAGES REMINDS Commercial advertising Social advertising Provoke Shock Inflict emotional distress is intended to educate Teach Motivate Try to increase purchase
Promote loyalty to a particular brand
Change consumption trends
Talk about the features and the quality
of the goods
Improve the image of goods
Provide information about the product Popularize social problems
Change behavior patterns
Explain the political point of view
Create the positive public opinion on a
particular subject
Inform the public about the new social movements History of social advertising It begins with the beginning of XX century.
In 1906 "American Civil Association" created the first project to protect Niagara Falls from harm energy companies
During World War, in 1917 in America has become very popular recruiting poster "I want you for U.S. ARMY"
In 1942 America was founded Advertising Council. He solved the problem of mobilizing nation for the victory.
After the war, the Council took the work on coordination of social advertising.
In the 50 th and 60 th years, the Council expanded the scope of activities.
In 1987 America began work on the most well known social campaigns: "Sobriety at the wheel", "AIDS. This can happen to you", "Just say:No" (against drugs)
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