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discipline with love and logic

Developed By: Foster Cline & Jim Fay


on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of discipline with love and logic

First and Most Important Thing LOVE Developed By: Foster Cline & Jim Fay The Goal? Put teachers in control of instruction & empower students to make wise and responsible choices.
Teache kids to think for themselves.
Increase the ability level of students.
Increase responsibility of students.
Enhance student self-concept with nurturing behavioral.
Increase student competence & responsibility.
To encourage student control, thinking & wise decision making.
To hold students accountable for their choices and decisions.
Help them learn problem solving by using empathy and logical consequences for their actions.
Techiques to Use Logical consequences Involve students Encourage Guide Children Use Empathy: "awwww.... I bet that hurts, but you're a brave boy"
Give them the power: "What do you think you are going to do about it?
Offer choices: " Would you like to hear what other kids have tried?"
Have the child state the plan & consequences & ask:
"How do you think that will work?"
Give permission for the child to decide to either solve the problem or not. discipline with love and logic Your Students. for students' actions. when making the classroom rules. the students, ALWAYS to solve their own problems, to help them grow
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