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Top 10 Ways to Turn Your Classroom into a Hotbed of Enthusia

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Megan Ginther

on 25 September 2017

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Transcript of Top 10 Ways to Turn Your Classroom into a Hotbed of Enthusia

Top 10 Ways to Turn Your Classroom into a Hotbed of Enthusiastic Readers
3. Social Media

World Read-Aloud Day-- http://www.litworld.org/wrad/
March 4, 2015
Follow LitWorld on Facebook or @litworldsays on Twitter
4. Be Readers Yourself!
Having a teacher that reads matters!

Having a teacher that reads "means they can recommend better books to you and be more helpful. They're more knowledgeable. It makes you feel like they are more involved and don't just use silent reading as a time to get work done. They actually care about and enjoy what they do."

"Reading should not be presented to a child as a chore, a duty. It should be offered as a gift." - Katie DiCamillo
1. Know Your Kids
Read with a purpose of linking books with kids
Goodreads Tags: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/5638160-holly?ref=ru_lihp_up_rv_92_mclk-up2175658422
Million Words or Less
Conferring and Status-of-the-Class
Out of My Mind
small group for
Empathy Literacy Contract
10. Literacy Contracts
Student Choice with Frameworks
Theme Topic
Read Aloud
Concept Map
Essential Questions
Small Group Books
Reflection for Discussion Sheets
Independent Nonfiction Book
Writing and Technology Projects

5. 40 Book Challenge
Donalyn Miller--The Book Whisperer
Parent e-mail: "I'm proud of her. She already loved to read, but the challenge has really lit a fire under her!"
2. Read Aloud
Builds Community
Builds Anticipation
Touchstone Texts
Common read for modeling
What makes the perfect read aloud?
9. Talk and Write About Books
TALK about books as well as write about them. Be as “real life” as possible. When was the last time you made a diorama when you finished a book? At Dublin Literacy Conference, Donalyn Miller said, “I’m not a language arts and crafts teacher.” What DID you do the last time you finished a book? You probably wrote or talked about it!

Authentic Reading Instruction

Talk and Write Time

6. Classroom Library

Kelly Gallagher tells a story in his book READICIDE about trying to book talk a memoir by Lois Duncan chronicling her daughter’s murder. He knew it was high interest, and he knew a lot of students had seen I Know What You Did Last Summer. The library had 3 copies; Gallagher had none. The only way he could get kids to check out the books was to bring them into the classroom to the kids. Immediately providing books to students in the classroom is one of the cornerstones for happy readers.

School Libraries
Public Libraries
Keep up with current publications
Student excitement over selection
and amount
Check-out systems
Booksource.com (Classroom

7. Silent Reading
Success is dependent on implementing previous points
Not the time to overwhelm with difficult texts too soon
Build up stamina a little at a time
Teacher Role

8. Book Clubs
Mock Newbery and Caldecott Clubs

Parent/Student Book Clubs:
Book Groups
Literacy Contract small book groups
Kids spontaneously create their own groups
Contact Information:
Holly Mueller--www.hollymueller.blogspot.com
Twitter: @muellerholly

Megan Ginther--
Twitter: @megangreads
Mrs. Mueller reads
The One and Only Ivan

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