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Does Participation In Sports Keep Teens Out Of Trouble

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Jeff Reyes

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Does Participation In Sports Keep Teens Out Of Trouble

Students who participate in sports are too occupied with sports and school to commit crimes. They simply have no time because they are always at practice and studying to stay eligible. Students who play sports also have teammates and coaches who give moral support and give the teens’ friends to talk too. Research has shown that students who participate in sports generally feel better about themselves and they tend to have a better self-esteem. When students play sports, they join together with other youth and they build strong bonds and friendships. There is also a chance at building rivalries which will bring out passion and competition in kids. (Daniela)

Does Participation In Sports Keep Teens Out Of Trouble

By: Jeff Reyes
And even more research
Sports were first introduced into high schools dating back to 152 years ago. It has given high schools a lot of recognition across the world and it brings in more students. Isnt that what high schools want? A lot of students? Sports have impacted schools greatly and are a huge part of high school success. Sports are a positive influence on not just the students but also the school itself. So the more students playing sports and staying out trouble, means that the better the school and community looks. (Baker)

Proposal of Action
Make a documentary and present it to the YMCA.
I want to show that Sports is an important vehicle kids and teens can use to take them away from all the negative influences in life.

More Research
When students have the drive and desire to participate in sports, they have to keep a good gpa and good attendance to play. Kids who play sports tend to be better students than the people who lounge around and do drugs. Drugs like marijuana, alcohol, and cigarettes make a person lazy and unmotivated. Which leads to them not wanting to excel in school. So just in other words, students who abuse drugs do not do well in school, and sports keeps students on their toes and “on top of their game.”(Logan)

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