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All About Short Stories

No description

Brooke Cunningham

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of All About Short Stories

Elements of
Story Telling

Structure and Pacing
part of a work that introduces the characters, the setting, and the basic situation
the series of events leading up to to the climax that are moved forward through conflict
a struggle between opposing forces
External Conflict
a character against an opposing force such as another character, nature, or society
Internal Conflict
a conflict within a character such as an important decision
the high point of interest or suspense, the turning point
where the conflict is resolved and a general insight may be conveyed
events after the climax leading to the resolution
the order in which the author arra
nges events
in the plot
Chronological Order
Parallel Plots
vents unfold in a sequence from beginning to end
interrupt the flow of chronological events to describe earlier events
when an author develops two distinct story lines with two sets of characters in a single work
the speed or rhythm of writing
Character Development
Flat or Stock Characters
Have many traits
ing faults and virtues
Do not
change during a story
Change as a result of the experiences they un
dergo in the story
The narrator directly describes the character's traits.
The author develops character by showing the character's thoughts, actions, words, or other character's words about them.
slow pacing cr
eates suspense by filling a story with ellipses or excruciatingly minute details
uses short, fragmented sentences to create excitement
Fast Pacing
Slow Pacing
when an author hints at plot developments that may occur later
time and place in which a story occurs
have just one or two traits
Round or Complex Characters
Dynamic Characters
Static Characters
Direct Characterization
Indirect Characterization
Veronica was a mean, self centered girl.
"What a hideous skirt!" Veronica thought as she intentionally dumped her Starbucks on Jessica's said skirt. "Don't worry, I'm sure you can find another at goodwill," Veronica said. "Oh my goodness," said Jessica to her friend, "She has been treating me like this since 2nd grade."
Point of View
the series of events in a story
Main Character
Opposing Force
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