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Creating A Killer Resume!

Through our presentation we will give our peers tips on how to create efficient resumes.

Xavier Billingsley

on 23 March 2011

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Transcript of Creating A Killer Resume!

Objectives of Presentation:

Allow peers to know the essential parts of the resume.
Students Will learn the essential formations of a good resume
Students will have a general knowledge of the differnece between a good resume as well as a bad resume
Students will partcipate in a hands on activity to learn the resume building at hand Creating a Killer Resume Selecting Your Format
The Essential Parts of a Resume Include:

Work Experince
Leadership Experince
Make sure Your Job objective clear
Don't forget the highlights of your career
List everything in chronological order
Appropriatly explain your Educational/Training background

Some Things to Remember:

Always give each of your references a copy of your resume
Always send a brief, customized letter with each resume
Always include your significant contributions at each one of your jobs

Some Major No No's

Never give reasons for termination or leaving a job on the resume.
When in doubt, "leave them out"
Never include your height, weight or remarks about your physical appearance or health
Never use exact dates. Months and years are sufficient.

A BAD RESUME A Good Resume Now Its Your Turn Final Draft
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