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Emily Beutel's Australian federation

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 30 March 2015

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Transcript of Emily Beutel's Australian federation

Australian Federation
Before Australian federation
, Australia had very separate colonies, laws and leaders.They even had different defense forces.So if you were traveling between NSW and QLD, you would be stopped at the border and searched by immigration.You also have to change trains because the tracks were different sizes.Also Australia had problems trading, but in the year 1901 that all changed.
There were many issues with federation that included:
The smaller colonies/states were afraid that the bigger colonies/states were going to tell them what to do and they wouldn't get a say in decisions.Another issue was was that the larger, richer colonies/states were afraid that they would have to share their money with the smaller poorer ones.There was also the problem with the size of the train tracks, but the biggest issues that was argued the most about was which city was going to be the capital.They finally decided that they would build a new city and make that the capital.
There were many people that pushed for federation and some of them included:Alfred Deakin was born and grew up in Australia, he thought Australia should be a united country.
Another person was Henry Parks, he was 5 times premier of NSW and he made a famous speech about federation in 1889 about federation , the push to unite the colonies as one single country.
Edmund Barton was the first premier of Australia.
Because of these people Australia became one country.
What happened
After much arguing in 1891 the representatives of each colony made a draft constitution for the commonwealth of Australia, but not everyone agreed with it.There was something not right about the constitution, like it wasn't fair for everyone and that regular people wouldn't be allowed to help with it.The next constitution was better and this time people got to vote for what happened in the country.Eventualy the new constitution was written and most states gave their people the right to vote.In 1999 all the states except western Australia said yes.Western Australia did agree to join a year later but the constitution was already written and signed by the

What happened
Queen.In 1901 the commonwealth of Australia was declared, it was a country/continent with 6 states (the Northern territory and south Australia would come a few years later).The first premier of Australia was Edmund Barton.The Aboriginals were not included in the constitution and it made it harder for people who were not English harder to immigrate to Australia.

Australian federation
By Emily Beutel
Thank you for watching
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