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most amazing girly pastime ever!

Abbi Loomis

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Pinterest

Pinterest Is an online pinboard, just like the old cork one that you can pin up pictures of things you like. Pictures of:
- Friends
- Recipes
- Animals
- Home decor
- Clothing Purpose A social networking site that acts as:
- a scrapbook
- a pinboard
- magazine
- idea planner Concept Organizing and sharing interesting and stimulating pictures for ideas you'd like to save for another time.

Equivalent of cutting out a picture you like in a magazine and posting it on your fridge. Businesses - Create links to Twitter, Facebook accounts.
- Add links to the company website.

Also has a gift option, to sell products through Pinterest.

Mostly for promotional uses. Future Predictions:
- That it will be bought by a dominating company.
- They could become the new "goto" channel for brands and social commerce.
- is already the 3rd largest social networking site in the world.
- Could play a big part in fashion retail. Features Browse by:
- category (i.e Weddings, Tattoos, Food etc..)
- Everything
_ Most popular pins
- Gifts: This option is allowing users to buy items directly on Pinterest which is why Pinterest is involved in businesses and it could evolve into a commercial buying site more and more. Thank you! By clicking on the image, it will bring you to the original web page for the item in the picture.
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