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Music Supervision

Where is my career headed? Presentation for Music Business.

Lauren Perry

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Music Supervision

One tree hill
who does that job? (paul)
Lindsay Wolfington How I "discovered" Music Supervision A music supervisor... is a person who selects and lisences
music and sound effects for media. Matching sounds to visuals.... film tv shows commercials video games websites flash animations

DVD menues cell phone ringtones live happenings Lindsay Wolfington & I
Lauren Perry:
mUSIC SUPERVISION STEPS (more than just picking a song you like...) - song must work in a scene -producer must like it- final say -permission
(record labels, producers...) -agree on a fee $$$ -keep each episode/project within a certain budget (can't use all expensive tracks- to balance use smaller/indie artists who need exposure) Compeititors illeagal filesharing takes profits directors choose the music supervisor MODELS Lindsay Wolfington Dave Jordan JULIANNE JORDAN involves A lot of liscensing!!! Organizations Music In Media Interactive (MIMI)
(awards and conference) Guild of Music Supervisors (GMS) Internships. worth it. loans. not gonna lie... DEITCATION. small job market. 3 years. - continue to be involved with MIMA (obviously...) - say YES to every opportunity - network - keep an open mind & step out of comfort zone - finish up with good grades - MBA on internship (actually, all the time, you never know who you might be working for...) the end (this is just for kelly...)
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