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Ancient Persia

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on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Persia

ANCIENT PERSIA Hi my name is Joshua.
My presentation is about Ancient Persia. We're going to talk about the country. The country Persia was called Iran.
The Persians defeated the Babyloians
to make an empire stretching from the east India
to the Turkey in the west. Now we are going to talk about
clothes. The Persians wore normal clothes then dragging clothes. The Persian ancestors
made warm clothes to go on saddles easily.
The men wore trouser and tunics. They often
wear a coat. In Persia men and women wore
jewelery. The women used make up. Now we are going to talk about
the Persian wars. The Persians
battled the Pelusium. The pelusium had a prince who didn't know how to command a army. The Persians killed
50,000 men and the Pelusium killed 7,000. Finally the Persians won. Now we are going to talk
about the jobs in Ancient Persia. The jobs in Persia are a farmer, merchant, landlord, soldier, slave and laborers. Farming was a important job. This job can be done in a big or small farm. Big farms had more food. The farmers grew rice,wheat,spinach and citrus fruit. Laborers were hired to build roads erect buildings. Wealthy citizens were hired too. Country Clothes War Jobs Jobs Persia was at central Asia,
middle east, Egypt and Greece.
Merchants would trade with gold,
bronze, turquoise, lapiz lazuli and
silk. Introduction Technology The Persians divided technology into 3
groups. The first one is weapons. The second one is art and the third one is
architecture. The Persians used the spears, bows, javelins, swords and slings. Technology Bow Thrusting spear spara The Persian army had a core weapon. But the firing the arrow hits it light. The famous immortal used the arrow too. The Persians use a short spear.
Its only 7 feet long. It has a iron spearhead.
The metal counterweight is 10 feet long. It was a large rectangular shield. Its covered
with leather and painted. The Sarabara
[javelin thrower] would lock on 5 feet away
from the spara Achievements An achievement is that the Persians made
the royal road in 1677 miles (2700 km) long. This achievement will never be forgotten in history. Entertainment The Persians enjoyed
entertainment by listening
to songs. They read books if they can afford it.
They also hunted and did archery. Food The Persians ate the same
food that the farmers planted.
The Persians ate rice, wheat,
spinach and citrus fruit. Government The Persians had a monarchy.
The Government would pass
decisions that he made. An example would be Saudi Arabia. They are under monarchy. Education In ancient Persia
education stressed family's out.
Family's had feelings like religious,
authority, military and more. Education was carried at home. The kids would go to court school for upper classes. There were also military schools. Homes/Lifestyle In Persia some
Persians were kings.
Some were peasants.
Some of them were muslims.
Most of them were poor.
A few of Persians were rich. End And that's how the Persians lived
they lead a peaceful lifestyle. Bye: Joshua sidram The Persians also walked or were transported by horse. There was no advance technology of cars, motorcycles, televisions or even video games.
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