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No description

Ashley Kumar

on 22 June 2016

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Transcript of WILDWOOD

By Ashley Kumar

Junot Diaz
December 31, 1968 (age 47), Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Attended Rutgers and Cornell
Creative writing professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Fiction editor at Boston Review
Second Person Narration
Lola protagonist is Dominican
Finds out her mother has breast cancer
Lola and her mother aruge like no tomorrow
She goes through a "punk chick" phase
Runs away from home to live with boyfriend, Aldo
When found sent off to Santo Domingo, DR
New start at life, attending school, on the track team, has a new boyfriend Max
Loving relationship with her grandmother
Themes and Symbols
Supernatural: Lola's "bruja" feeling
Hero-like: Lola overcomes the adversity of her childhood and becomes a tough young woman without shame
The town Wildwood symbolizes how Lola is acting while living with Aldo, which is WILD.
New Criticism
Lola's mother has one of her breasts removed (her sex appeal) which is her source of power
Not only is she losing a breast but the control over Lola
This correlates with Lola's haircut by being their symbols of femininity.
Lola's hair can grow back, but not her mother's breast, giving Lola an advantage by being able to defy her mother without regret.
Showing how Lola is not a child anymore
Why does the story end with Lola having "the
" again?
What even is the feeling?
Can you relate to Lola's love/hate relationship with her mother?
What do you believe is the change Lola wants?
New Criticism Cont'
The love Lola's mother has for her is so immense, she feels she must use violence to control her
It might not seem like she loves her mother, but Lola truly does by when she dreams about her and decides to look back while she is running away.
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