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Mendocino Observations

Venture Lab Creativity Assignment # 2

Karen Lewis

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Mendocino Observations

european settlement 1850s - 1950s
Logging Boom Town origins first people's settlement
summer fishing camp
prehistory - 1850 Main Street Today empty opportunity ? edge of a frontier Schooners,

surfboards & bicycles, too Back-to-the Land
1960s-1970s Hippies
Simple Living
Bohemian Arts Colony new waves
...sustainable economy? Small Town at the Edge of Ocean & History Mendocino, California eco-tourism?
healthy economic development?
prop 215?
creative arts?
cultural tourism & festivals?
learning communities? rainy afternoon, midweek, very quiet Once a Church Now a Natural Foods Collective historic church architecture view from choir loft tibetan prayer flags bread, chocolate, veggies,
a bit of everything pan, chocolate, verduras
un poco de todo more yummy stuff turn page... pause to write haiku
nice chair, scent of lemongrass
upstairs in choir loft Overheard conversation:
"Use what you need
some bitter, some sweet" jars of seeds, spices
gathered from around our globe
await new purpose Corners of the Mouth Collective,
Local Personality with Global Perspective dia de los muertos 2012
altar to honor ancestors, friends we are all connected
sister city Otsuchi
destroyed by 2011 Tsunami please turn page Gallery Bookshop
More than books...
A Nucelus of our Community in Transition So many lights - try solar? audio books, blank journals
create your own literature
celebrate reading & writing come inside
bienvenidos... Main Street
Mendocino, California 94160 usa Sign art preserves historic character of the town. excellent brand identity, tote bags Variety of merchandise at different price points:
cards, seasonal gifts, stickers, toys, music and BOOKS! Gallery Boookshop hosts community gatherings, book clubs,
baking contests, young writer & visiting author events. "Buy Local" message;
Tablet displayed here
for e-book purchases. Young Readers' Hideout Ocean View
Window Seats Shop Local inGenius at amazon.com $16.85
inGenius at Gallery Bookshop $23.40 with local discount
Retire your kindle: Gallery offers $99. gift certificate
Independent bookstores might survive when people buy locally
Special order of inGenius will arrive Friday = Good Investment Sign Ordinance Limits Exposure
Street View
Historic Bank
Science, Toy Store Good southern exposure & rooftop = solar potential. Historic review board remains resistant to photovoltaic or other alt. energy installations. Welcome Please enter... transformed Search for whales (or pirates) with telescopes and binoculars on display. Variety of prices for merchandise, from rocks to telescopes, binoculars to gps, legos to games, science sets and puzzles. All ages fun! Out of This World:
Find yourself:
Maps, globes, gps, compasses, binoculars.
International, online clientele. www.discountbinoculars.com store does not display
their online presence
ultra-competitive pricing out of this world,
many imagination games
ages: zero to infinity vault left from bank days
now guards telescopes, cameras
free gift wrap offered low $ ticket , high $ ticket
gifts for everyone
explore your world Small Town at the Edge of Ocean & History imagine

local history valued
customer service
unique merchandise
hands-on encouraged
community events
value tourist trade
celebrate seaside location
Solar panels?
Encourage multi-use canvas (logo) bags
Retailers try micro-enterprise partnerships with local producers
More community events for locals
Emphasize alternative transportation
Cross-promote with discount coupons
Internships & training for teens
Mutual promotion of history, ecology
Add multilingual tourism resources
Demonstrate & teach sustainability Insights Learning Surprises Common Themes Upside Potential radioactive, worldwide food contamination likely
polished agate treasure costs $1.30
view of sunset, seascape = always free!
ocean scent refreshing (reminder: notice daily)
successful merchants are branding experts
cooperation valued above competition
non-local, online retailers are "the enemy"
cellphone free zones: good for "local" identity
never knew about: "Peruvian cat's claw bark"
tea costs more than gasoline
by Karen Lewis, klewis@mcn.org let's go inside
bienvenidos... transitions Text and Photos by Karen Lewis
Historic photos Courtesy of Kelly House Museum, Ray Reed, and Jendocino art by FlockWorks Students
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