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The symbolic Complex

No description

Monica Mitrache

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of The symbolic Complex

Monica Mitrache The Symbolic Complex What is it? How do you beat the Symbolic Complex? One Direction Know the Facts In Percy Walker's essay, he talks about how the values of world-renowned things are defaced by already formed expectations, thus leading us to disappointment once we come in contact with those things.

We get these ideas about how these things look or feel, but once we get the chance to experience them for ourselves, it isn't at all what we signed up for.
To recover these spoiled experiences, you stay away from "experts" (people such as tour guides, teachers, advertisements, vacation planners, etc) who give you a false sense of what you want to experience and restrict you to a certain agenda of viewing what you want to experience. These "experts" help to strengthen the complex. By avoiding these people and creating your own experiences, you are able to see things more clearly. Recovery entails, as Percy suggests, "leaving the beaten track". One direction, a well-known boy band from the UK, is probably the most popular boy group since N'Sync. With their concerts selling out within minutes of tour announcements, girls all over the world strive to see the five boys "rocking out" on stage. On top of the music charts with "What Makes You Beautiful" this group has stolen the hearts of teenage girls all over the planet. They can be used as a up to date example of the symbolic complex. Not everything about this dreamy group is sparkling smiles and endless charm. The band was put together on a game show called "The X-factor". They each auditioned individually (some of them almost didn't make the cut). However, the producers believed if they were all put together in a group, they would be far more likeable and successful. They then went on to win the competition. This is how One Direction came about. -nearly impossible to get tickets
-if you can get tickets, they are super expensive
-so many fan girls you cannot even hear the music
-you leave the concert not being able to hear a thing after paying all that money
-they have thin voices Not What You Signed Up For?!
This is why: To get around this complex, we use something called recovery. The band sold out their entire 2013 tour in a matter of minutes (nearly impossible to buy tickets) If you want to see a show on this sold out tour, Tickets can range from the worst seats at $200 to the best at $11,000!!!!! When all these things come into play, it is apparent that this is an example of this symbolic complex. The media builds up such a "hype" for this band, who are now world famous, but in reality they are just five teenage boys who are nearly impossible to see in person. To recover from this, you can just listen to their music online if you really enjoy their sound, or buy tickets way in advance to guarentee reasonable prices for reasonable seats.
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