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Ancient Civilizations

Creation-Tower of Babel

Shannon Orozco

on 29 August 2012

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Transcript of Ancient Civilizations

Ancient Civilizations: Genesis Creation-Tower of Babel Genesis 3 FALL is important too Likely in modern day Iraq. Between Tigris and Euphrates River Genesis 1 Creation ... small World to sustain mankind Distinctiveness in mankind Relational Creatures image of Christ God Exists What is real and how do I know truth? What is the origin of life?
God as Intelligent designer, Lawgiver What is the nature of human beings?
sinners in rebellion to God Christ IS real and the Word IS truth When we reject God's law, boundaries and purpose we are a law unto ourselves Embedded in sin nature is rebellion, desire to live independant of God History turned a corner, live in discord with God, creation and one another Reflected in rise and fall of nations. Pattern:
1. Rise to power
2. Consolidate power
3. Abuse or overextend power
4. Internal and external decline of power Genesis 4World of Cain What was the world like pre-flood? Body Body Body Body Body Body Body Body Body well populated Advanced Technology Record Keeping Genesis 6 Noah and the Flood Main idea: development of agriculture= increase in population + sedintary way of life= growth New methods of
ng food and development of technology laid foundations for modern civilizations Gen. 9:1-7 God establishes new set of laws allowed to advance the social order. Laws enable gov't to develop and grow- force of stabilization=growth Genesis 11: Tower of Babel Post flood return to Fertile Crescent, rebuild unity in speech + technology lead to rapid advancement of civilization- build tower to make a name for themselves- glory reserved for God not man. History of mankind shows self- centered pattern of development. God's response?
-allows interplay (choices) and He responds Consequences- languages+geographic dispersion= cultural diversity and cultural barriers. Conclusion: direct intervention of God in culture, slowed rate of technological advancement. Mankind think advancement=progress, but unchecked it cannot provide mankind's salvation. Reflection- Created for a purpose, purpose distorted, consequences and redemtive plan for mankind. Eden
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