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The Negative Effects Reality Television Has On It's Viewers

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Michelle Hedrick

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of The Negative Effects Reality Television Has On It's Viewers

How Reality Television
Negatively Effects
Its Viewers Main Claim I believe the majority of reality television shows affect viewers negatively by causing them to become more conscious about body image, encouraging crime, and altering the viewer's overall perception of reality. Reality Television Timeline 1948 "Candid Camera" 1954 "Miss America" 1973 "An American Family" 1992 "The Real World" 2000 "Survivor" & "Big Brother" 2004 "Reality TV Secrets Revealed" 2012 "The Voice" & "American Idol" "An American Family" 1973 vs. 2012 "The Real Housewives Of
Beverly Hills" How Reality Television Has Affected Viewers
Over the Last 10 Years - Causes viewers to have self esteem & body image issues
- Causes viewers to believe that money can bring you happiness
- Cause viewers to believe that everyone is suppose to find their perfect mate "An American
Family" -Focuses on Drama -Wealthy Characters "The Real Housewives" -Attractive Characters -Thinks of Money as
A Cure All -Focuses on Family
Values -Healthy
Relationships THE END!
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