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Online Video in ELT

No description

Liudmila Zakharova

on 22 November 2012

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Transcript of Online Video in ELT

Liudmila Zakharova
British Council 2012 Online Video in ELT Authentic English Why use online video? Interactive exercises and downloadable worksheets British Council websites Video-enhanced texts Youtube... and more! An example What to do and how to do it? Cameras, mobile phones, etc. Create your own clips! Find all the links here! delicious.com/videoinelt Presents real language in context Provides visual support Highly motivating Short clips Brings real world into the classroom Inspires creativity A broad range of topics and genres Promoting learner autonomy Up-to-date materials LearnEnglishKids.britishcouncil.org Kids Talk and Kids' News LearnEnglishTeens.britishcouncil.org Video UK Video Zone LearnEnglish.britishcouncil.org Britain is Great How To Word on the Street, Overcooked and more! Starting from ready-made exercises... ...to online video sites... Space-time texts Creative adverts Viral videos Social campaign videos Multicultural content CLIL materials Short stories Jumping points for discussions and debates Education Advice and how-to videos Daily life TED.com teachertube.com vimeo.com lessonstream.org eslvideo.com film-english.com moviesegmentstoassessgrammargoals.blogspot.com.es tes.co.uk bigthink.com Have you got any pets at home? Listen to a story... What happens next? Watch and check your predictions Watching for gist, key information or detail? With or without sound? With or without the visual? The whole video or only parts of it? With the transcript or not? As a whole class or individually / in pairs? Focus on vocabulary, grammar or functional language? Is the language important at all? prediction gaps in the transcript describe people/mood/character describe the process matching / ordering roleplay / dubbing speaking and writing your own video ...creating the activities... ...and making your own videos! GoAnimate.com Xtranormal.com laptop webcams and
MailVU.com TeacherTrainingVideos.com voki.com
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