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Emotions Inglés 2º Eso

No description

E. Rodríguez

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Emotions Inglés 2º Eso

Emotions angry bored excited frightened embarrassed worried exhausted upset confused proud surprised thrilled angry: enfadada/o
bored: aburrida/o
frightened: asustada/o
embarrassed: avergonzada/o
worried: preocupada/o TRADUCCIÓN exhausted: agotada/o
confused: confusa/o
proud: orgullosa/o
surprised: sorprendida/o TRADUCCIÓN UPSET vs. ANGRY:
When you are angry, you're definitely upset, but it's not always the other way around. TRADUCCIÓN upset: molesta/o, disgustada/o Example:
If someone hits you, you can be upset and angry. You can also be upset without being angry, if someone you love dies, for instance. EXCITED vs. THRILLED:
Thrilled is used to express that we are delighted or very pleased with some event. Excited also expresses happiness and enthusiasm, specially if this makes you unable to relax. TRADUCCIÓN excited: excitada/o, emocionada/o, _ entusiasmada/o, thrilled: encantada/o, exultante, _ entusiasmada/o, My wedding is tomorrow. I'm so excited! I'm thrilled to become the new coach of the team EJERCICIOS He was very _________ after watching
his football team losing in Germany. excited / upset / confused upset EJERCICIOS There was a thief inside my house, so I was very ________________ exhausted / excited / frightened frightened EJERCICIOS I'm _________of my dog. He doesn't
bark and does everything I want. proud / bored / embarrassed proud EJERCICIOS He always gets up late, so I will be ____________ if he gets here on time. angry / surprised / worried surprised DO YOU REMEMBER? Elige el adjetivo que mejor se adapte: DO YOU REMEMBER? Emilio Rodríguez 2013
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