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Danni Steeman

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Fashion

Our Future - Xplore
Fashion of
the future

By Danielle Steeman, Laura Ooi, Sabrina Dong and Louise Gregory
Laura Ooi
Historical & Political
Sabrina Dong
Why are trends coming back from the past?
Fascination with the past and influences by television shows and the media
Designers run out of ideas
How has the way fashion is manufactured changed?
The materials clothes are made out of have become more environmentally sustainable
The manufacturing process has become more sustainable.
How have ‘green’/environmentally friendly clothes been used in the fashion industry?
Sustainable fashion is being seen more on runways and in stores
Why did fashion trends change?
Society, world events and boredom
Designers use new market strategies to earn more money

What were the main events that occurred in different time eras that have influenced fashion today?
How does fashion effect social culture?
How do the different cultures affect fashion?
The different cultures affect fashion because designers take certain aspects from cultures and blend with their own
How has media affected fashion trends?
The media has affected fashion trends through celebrities, films and runways.
How has the use of animals in the fashion industry changed?
The amount of animal use in the fashion industry has decreased.
Are people starting to spend more instore or online?
Statistics taken in 2012 show the rapid growth of shopping online.
How has the internet impacted fashion?
The internet has made fashion more accessible affecting the conceptualizing, designing, and creating of garments and helped in fashion forecasting
How has the way we shop changed and how will it continue to?
Online shopping is continuously increasing
Is technology becoming more of a fashion item rather than a functional item?
Consumers are starting to upgrade or buy technology for cosmetic reasons.
"Since size is something we care about deeply, our emotional response over powers logic," ... "We want so badly to be assured that we're thin and beautiful."
‘Perhaps what you don’t know is that those of you that are fascinated with our past are the same people that grew up watching reruns of old shows such as Happy Days for instance’ (Hall, n.d)

‘fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.’ (Wilde, n.d)
(Britannica, 2013)
Sustainable fashion – garments that are ethically sourced and produced – has been growing in popularity over the past few years ... . In 2005 less than 5 percent of designers at LFW were sustainable fashion brands, but at this February's fashion show, almost a third of designers were eco-focused. (Kharpal, 2013)
"Technology enables, but design establishes"
(brunner , 2013)
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Louise Gregory
Fashion has affected social culture by altering the self esteem of buyers.
"I remember putting on a size-4 skirt and thinking, there's no way this will fit, then feeling triumphant when it did," says Sarah, 29 of Brooklyn. "Even though I had clothes two sizes larger from the same store at home, I rationalized it by telling myself I'd washed those a bunch of times, so they must have shrunk" (Triffin, 2013)
"The gown in my usual size was minuscule! I had to go up two sizes. Instead of feeling excited that I'd found my dress, I was despressed." (Triffin, 2013)
1,000 pairs of women's pants and found as much as an 8 1/2-inch variation in the size-4 waist. (Triffin, 2013)
Rodarte's designers, Kate and Laura Mulleavy.
"None of it was especially attractive. But more important, none of it excuded the kind of nonchalant "I dont care what you think" confidence it should have." (Givhan, 2013)
Kate Middleton
“By choosing Sarah Burton as the designer of her wedding dresses and for the gown she wore in LA Catherine ensured the label keeps going from strength to strength” (Paxman,2011)
Organisers of the Melbourne spring fashion festival have ordered rabbit fur be removed from their runway following pressure from PETA protesters.
Cara Delevingne
(Delaware Action for Animals, 2011)
"Behind every beautiful fur, there is a story. It is a bloody, barbaric story." (Moore, n.d.)
‘Each year, more than 40 million animals are killed for their fur ... There is no reason to kill animals for fashion, and many reasons not to.’ (Delaware Action for Animals, 2011)
The Great Gastby
 “The Great Gatsby, has incidentally created an entire Gatsby-esque fashion moment.” (Hallett,2013)
-Tiffany and Co,
-Brook Brothers,
-Ralph Lauren
-David’s Bridal
Scary Statistics
10-20% of all textiles in the fashion industry are estimated to be wasted.
Daily in Hong Kong, there are 253 tons of textiles sent to landfill.
(Textile Exchange, 2012)

Twilight and Snow White and the huntsman
"With costumes by Prada, every fashionista bride will be looking to the film for vintage wedding inspiration. WHITE by Vera Wang has some gorgeous vintage-inspired options."(Hallett,2013)
Superhero and Sci Fi
Les Miserables
Oz: The Great and Powerful
The fashion industry is contributing a large amount of pollution into our atmosphere.
What are the effects of the fashion industry on the environment?
(Daniel, 2012)
“Corporate merchandisers’ job is to do trend reports—they look to the runway to see what is on trend and what consumers are looking for,” he said. “They then manipulate these trends using things like cheaper fabrics that make them more affordable to the masses” (Armstrong, 2009)
“Accessible fashion takes its roots from high fashion,” (Armstrong, 2009)

“High fashion directs retail trends” (Armstrong, 2009)
London Fashion Week 2013
(Chua, 2012)
"Eco-friendly is our key item, the market has changed," (Rosemberg, 2011)
"We don't want to harm the environment, the soil or the crops, which are a livelihood for our people, so being green-friendly is a social attitude, but it's also business." (Rosemberg, 2012)
“Before the internet, Fashion Direction was based on instinct. We gathered all the information by hand and presented it to our buyers in packets labeled “For Your Eyes Only”. (Staiman, 2011)
‘Much like music today, you rarely get an original; we sample someone else for the background and add our own twist. Tweak it, update it, and younger generations think you’ve reinvented the wheel.’ (Mayfield,2013)
“Tracking fashion trends used to mean traveling abroad five times a year to review runway, retail and street fashion… The total process would take over a month.” (Bendoni, 2011)
45% prefer to shop for fashion over the internet rather than in-store (PwC 2012)
Total online spend expected to grow to $26.9 billion in 2016 (Harker, 2012)
(Jauhari, 2012)
(Marta, 2012)
'That 70s Show' (Shea, n.d)
'Happy Days' (The Red List, n.d)
Scary Statistics
• The textile industry contributes to 8.2 percent of pollution in China.
•The textile industry discharges 2.5 billion tons of wastewater per year.
• A single mill in China wastes 200 tons of water for each ton of fabric it dyes; many rivers run with the colours from the toxic dyes that wash off from mills.
• The Chinese textile industry creates about 3 billion tons of soot each year.
(SiteRapture, 2012)
(EPA, 2012)
Example: 90s Trends that have come back
1. Baggy Jeans

2. Doc Marten boots

3. Crop Tops
4. Overalls
(Retronaut, n.d)

Danielle Steeman
Shoppers know as much as salespeople
Mobile devices drive foot traffic to stores

Opinions carry more weight than ever
Products can jump off the screen
Campaign for
Faux Fur
"Designers are now getting it right. There is a big change from five or ten years ago when clothes weren't sustainable and were horrible," - Willie Walters (Ecouterre, 2012)
1920's Fasion Era
Women's Rights-

- Voting rights, women were liberated
- Started dressing to female empowerment (pants, suits, revealing clothes)
- Prohibition (women were in the situation where they were socialising with men)

1920's Fashion Era
Diesel Ad
"she [Sana Saeed, Senior Editor at the Islamic legal news] has dreaded the day when capitalism would consume the veil." (Sacirbey, 2013)

Whalebone corsets

(Navickas, 2011)
World War 1-
>hardly any men so women worked
>Clothing altered to suit workforce
>Needed to impress men to find husband

3. Crop tops
1. (Finding Dulciena, 1920)

2. (Modern American History , 1920)
1920s Fashion Era
Advancements in industry
- Mass production, clothes available in all sizes in stores (cheaper)
- People stop making their own clothes
- Lower economic status (middle class) could afford ready to wear clothing
- Fashion magazines started dictating trends

1940s Fashion Era
World war Two
>Most of money used to produce war neccessities
>Clothing was simple and plain
(n.a,2012) (The Vintage, n.d)
1960s + 1970s Fashion Era
Vietnam War:
>Protestings provoked by Vietnam War (mainly USA)
>Women wanted a say in what they could war
>Men payed attention to their fashion
>Anti-fashion: Hippies
(Perkins, 2013)
(Lee, 2006)
(Antone, 2012)
(Smith, 2013)
(Streader, 2013)
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