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Portfolio (Chef or dinner cook)

My prezi for Am. Lit. That has information on my portfolio from OCIS.org

shelby cox

on 2 June 2011

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Transcript of Portfolio (Chef or dinner cook)

Chef Portfolio A good chef always knows to: Clean their station before and after they cook, Measure, mix, and make ingredients, Work well with the public, Process information, Handle and move objects, and be able to work in a fast paced enviroment. A good chef must be able to: Repeat movments, Stand or walk while supervising, Bend or twist their body to do tasks, Express ideas clearly, Undrstand written information, And notice when something is wrong or could go wrong. A good chef must know: The english language, how to properly produce food to the public, and a good education and training in food service. A few preperation a chef needs are: A high school diploma or GED Complete formal training, Complete on the job training, Have a good sense of taste and smell, and have the ability to work in a team. Good high school courses to take: Food & Nutrition, Food service, Safety and first aid Chefs do a lot in the kitchen, Education makes a big deal The lowest yearly wage for a chef is: $34,790 The highest a chef makes in a year would be: $51,820
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