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La Savoie

No description

lindsay ashworth

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of La Savoie

By: Lindsay Ashworth La Savoie About La Savoie La savoie is known for its mountains and cheeses. Famous Foods The climate in La Savoie is cold and snowy. Climate/Population Industry products/Agriculture/Economy The distance from Paris to La Savoie is about 269 miles 433 km. La Savoie is famous for thier cheeses. Slightly salty, mild taste, often made with skim milk The population in La Savoie is 725,794 people. Some of the industry products are sausage,cheeses, and wine along with agriculture as well. The economy is different between the two parts of La Savoie. The Haute-Savoie is the rich part where insudtry products are made. And Savoy is the normal mid class part where most agricultral and farming is. Dialect Franco-Provençal a language spoke by people that live east central France, western portions of Switzerland. Clothing is normal but when its cold they wear heavy coats and lots of layers. Sports that are common is sking or snowboarding. Clothing and sports Historical/Interesting facts - Savoie became part of France in 1860
-The name Savoy is a reminder of the presence of Anne of Savoie in England, where she was the queen of Henry III
-Savoie existed as an autonomous country for nearly a thousand years.
-Savoie includes parts of France, Switzerland, and northern Italy.
-When Savoie first became part of France people had to choose whether they wished their country to join Italy or France.
-Savoy has often been associated with theaters and dance halls.
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