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Tycho Brahe

No description

Blaze Vorseth

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Tycho Brahe

The Life of Tycho Brahe
Tycho Brahe
Tycho Brahe was born on December 14, 1546 in Scania, which used to be part of Denmark and is now part of modern-day Sweden. He was born into a family of nobles. King Frederick of Denmark gave him an island to live on and funded his research. Tycho also founded one of Denmark's paper mills. His full name is Tyge Otteson Brahe.
Brahe studied in five different universities. He entered the first, Copenhagen, when he was 13. Next came Leipzig, Wittenburg, Rostock and Basel.
His Studies
This man was fascinated by the sky. He discovered a supernova in the constellation Cassiopeia visible during the day in 1572. Brahe supported the Geocentric theory - the Earth was the center of everything. He also discovered that comets are further away from the Earth than the moon is. Tycho devoted his life to correcting the Copernican tables - they were several days off in predicting the of Jupiter and Saturn. His studies also included a full study of the solar system and the accurate positions of more than 777 fixed stars. He rarely used a telescope. Instead he used a compass and a sextant - an instrument with an arc of 60 degrees used to measure the angular distance between things.
His Family
Brahe was born into a family of nobles, as said. His mother and father were Otte Brahe (father) and Beate Brahe (mother). He had two sisters; Sophie and Kirstine. One of his eight children was named after Kirstine to honor her; another of his children was named Magdalene. His wife was commoner Kirsten Barbara Jørgensdatter. His children, as their mother was a commoner, were also commoners.
The End of Tycho Brahe
Many people think that Tycho Brahe died of urinary problems or a burst bladder after refusing to break proper etiquette in the company of a fellow noble; he couldn't leave until the higher noble did. However, recent investigations show there were extremely toxic traces of mercury in the hairs in his mustache. He died on October 24, 1601 in Prague. It is true that the bridge of his nose was cut off in a duel between his third cousin Manderup Parsberg and he. The nose he used may have been made of gold, silver, or even copper.
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