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First Grade Math Concepts

No description

Mary Rascoe

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of First Grade Math Concepts

Math Concepts
for the Year Welcome to First Grade add and subtract within 20 Operations and
Algebraic Thinking add three whole numbers understand subtraction as an unknown addend problem use addition and subtraction
to solve word problems work with addition and subtraction equations Addition and
Subtraction Number and Operations
in Base Ten Extend the counting sequence to 120 Understand place value-
ones, tens, hundreds Compare two digit numbers
based on meaning of
tens and ones be able to find ten more, ten less add and subtract multiples of ten Explain how you got your answer know what the
symbols mean- +,-,= Place Value Measurement Measurement and Data Order three objects
by length Use standard units of measure to measure an object (i.e. Ruler) use nonstandard units
of measure to measure
an object. (i.e. paperclips,
pencils, etc.) Tell and write time in hours and half hours using analog and
digital clocks Recognize and Identify coins, their names, and their values Explain how they reached their answer Geometry Geometry build and draw shapes compose two-dimensional and three dimensional shapes to compose new shapes Partition circles and rectangles into two and four equal shares use the phrases half of,
fourth of, quarter of
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