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Chinese Tigers

No description

Rina G

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Chinese Tigers

Chinese Tigers
Illegal Logging
Tigers in China
450 Siberian tigers in the wild
Siberian Tigers repopulating in China
Almost extinct
Elusive and hard to find
Tigers killing livestock
Tigers jump over Russian border to China
Not hunted since 1950s
All hunting is banned except rats in China
Tiger will attack you if you do something bad
When people encounter tiger, they kneel and pray
Releasing A Siberian Tiger to the Wild
Endangered Species
3,200 Tigers
Live in China, Asia and Russia
Biggest wild cat
Weigh 675 lbs
6 subspecies
Being Poached
Sell illegal body parts
Poached in India and Captivity
Used for special medicines
In Russia
Illegal cut Russian Timber
Used for hard wood floors
Used for Furniture
Putting tigers at risk
Trees important part of food chain, which they depend on
Loggers cutting down trees that are key survival to the Siberian tiger
Permits misused
Permits for cutting thinning or diseased Trees
Illegal Russian Logging
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