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Christopher Boone & Sherlock Homes

No description

Andrea Hellwig

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of Christopher Boone & Sherlock Homes

typical illustration of him
West End's Apollo Theatre
- main character of the novel "The
curious incident with the dog at
- 15 years old
- autistic boy (asperger syndrome)
- wants to find out who killed the dog in
the neighborhood
But Sherlock has more experience
than Christopher because he’s older
than Christopher

Christopher is very directly, he asks
directly what he wants to know and
he has a big problem which is that
he can’t understand the emotions of
other people
Sherlock Holmes
- tall and slim man
- clear-cut face
- pale in the face
- grey eyes
- black or dark brown

Christopher Boone & Sherlock Holmes
Similarities in their way of being a detective

Sherlock and Christopher know what they
want to do

They search many advices and they are
just concentrate on the crime

They observe many things that other
people don’t notice.

Sherlock and Christopher have many similarities, they search a murder and there way of proceeding is often the same.
Thank you for listening! :-)
Sherlock Holmes
Christopher John Francis Boone
- imaginary character, invented by Arthur
Conan Doyle (1887)
- considered as a stereotype of detective

- lives in the Baker Street 221 b in London
- works as a "consulting detective"
- noted for his way of research
-> detailed observing and rational
Christopher Boone
- young

- no information
in the book

but because he need clean
lines in his everyday life
, maby
he tries ordinary clothes
(jeans, t-shirt,..)
- suit and a long coat

-> clear line in his clothes
- pipe
- loupe
you have any questions?
a presentation from
Neele & Andrea
-> "plays" detective like Sherlock Homes
(his inspiring example)
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