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Water Pollution: Oil spills

No description

Gene Monahan

on 11 June 2015

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Transcript of Water Pollution: Oil spills

Oil spills are very harmful to sea life such as fish, sea otters, and birds.
Affect on animals
The oil from the water destroys the animals ability to keep warm so animals can die of hypothermia.
Affect on animals
Also when birds are cleaning themselves, they swallow the oil on their feathers and get poisoned.
Affect on animals
The oil also causes serious health problems such as enlarged livers and reduced growth.
Affect on Us
Humans also have serous problems with oil spills.

The oil is irritating and toxic to the skin and airways.
Affect on us
Oil also causes headaches, dizziness, nausea, lung damage (if inhaled) and chemicals in the oil have also been linked with cancer.
Water Pollution: Oil spills
How to prevent it
Produce more oil here in the states to avoid shipments of oil coming into the states.
Enforce more laws for oil traveling over the ocean.
Use less electricity. The less electricity and heating appliances used, the less oil used.
Not so fun facts about oil pollution
Accidental oil spills make up 12% of the oil that enters the water.

About 500 million gallons of oil enter the ocean every year and about 360 million of those gallons goes down the drain into the ocean

Most major oil spills can take from a couple weeks to a couple YEARS to clean!
Use less heating apliences to reduce the amount of oil used
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