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No description

Johnny Nilsen

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Salesforce.com

Group 3: Avery, Kruse, Larkin, McMonigal, Nilsen, White Salesforce.com Management Organizational Structure Transformation Process Sales Force Community Environment Hosted on the Web Communicate Faster Very Little Set Up Mark Benioff + India = 1/1/1 model You're Buying Space on the Web Sales Cloud Service Cloud Sabbatical in India
Defined Success Marketing Cloud Products Platform Chatter Salesforce Foundation Philanthropic 1/1/1 Model 1% of salesforce.com equity
1% of employees' time
1% of product to improve communities 1% of Time Transparency Human Capital What's Important 1% of Equity Hurricane Sandy Relief
Donations, website, customers $40+ million in grants
$6 million in grants in 2011 Medical Bills Importace of Transparency Emphasis on Trust Six days of paid service per year

User group
Salesforce customers
200 customers organize their own day Collabrative Enviroment Employees Can Speak Their Minds 445,000+ volunteer hours
77,500+ hours with more than 900 organizations (2011) "Boot camp"
First day on the job Everyone's Goals are Expressed 1% of Product Continuous Search For Top Talent Offers software for free or at discounted rate

18,000+ nonprofit and higher education customers
14,000 nonproft users (2011) Aggressive Interview Process Employee Refferal Program Be Resourceful Make it Simple 20 Percent of The Work That Makes up 80 Percent of The Difference V2MOM Our V2MOM Leadership Vision Values Methods Obstacles Measures Vision Apply Conceptual Skills Values Organizational Culture Management Education Methods Backround Research & Interview Numerous Virtual Meetings Horizontal Loose Organic Individual Effort on Paper Collaboration Practice Presentation Obstacles Time Management Unclear Objectives A set of shared, taken-for-granted implicit assumptions that a group holds and that determinds how it perceives, thinks about and reacts to its various environments Social Loafing & Groupthink Type of Organizational Culture Interesting Organizational Facts Measurables Peer Feedback Numerical Grade Three Layers
Observable artifacts
Espoused Values
Basic Assumptions Lax Job Definiton & Responsibilities Anti-hierarchical Authority Observable artifacts
Awards for performance
Quota for sales team
Company bonus for success-meeting company goals Espoused values
Collaboration is key
Focus on teamwork within entire company Basic Assumptions
Open work environment, ability to ask any and all questions Clan culture
Heavily focused on collaboration
Empowerment, participation, communication Focus on people development, commitment and employee morale Hiring from within
No set company structure
Open door policy
Networking outside of your organization
Company collaboration Negatives of Salesforce.com's Organizational Structure "too many chiefs, not enough Indians" Expansion Virtual Team
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