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Sinkholes Emily and Lily.C

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 25 November 2015

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Transcript of Sinkholes Emily and Lily.C

Process of how sinkholes are formed
Water slowly erodes rocks and minerals
Flow of water increases to a point when it washes away the underground formation of the land
When the structure becomes too weak to support the surface of the Earth, it collapses and opens up into a hole
How are Sinkholes formed?
By: Emily and Lily.C
How are sinkholes formed?
Types of and different names for sinkholes
1. Rain seeps through the soil and water absorbs C02 and becomes acidic therefor the acidic water dissolves soluble rock, chalk and limestone which creates cavernous underground space

2. Sinkholes can also be caused by humans. These causes are:
Drilling, mining, construction, broken water or drain pipes, improperly compacted soil after excavating work, even heavy traffic can result in small to large sinkholes.
Where on a map does the natural phenomenon occur?
Most sinkholes occur in the U.S. Areas in the U.S that are most damaged by sinkholes occur in Florida, Texas, Alabama, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania.
The sinkhole is also called:
The main types of sinkholes are:
Cover - Subsidence
Cover - Collapse
How do sinkhole affect people
How do these factors work together to create a sinkhole
Describe the changes to the earths surface because of this natural phenomenon
People are affected by sinkholes because as an after result they no longer have their house, clean water supplies, clothes, sometimes family, food, resources that they need, their transportation and safety for themselves.
The factors work together by the soil absorbing the rain and then the soil also absorbs C02 becoming feeble soil and then it collapses because it is not stable which forms a sinkhole.
The changes to the earth's surface are:
Instead of being a flat surface, there is a large pothole in the surface
There are also lots of destroyed houses and buildings from the sinkhole which leaves hole/s in the ground and destroyed buildings and is unsafe.
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