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History of Neonatal Nursing

No description

Angie An

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of History of Neonatal Nursing

Neonatal Nursing

Where did the word Neonatology come from?
The Future
The future is bright for Neonatal Nurses as the need for them is increasing.
Root of Neonatology
Neonatology starts with French midwives, and obstetricians, not with pediatricians. Even after specialized care of infants was introduced to the US, the most influential practitioners and researchers were anesthesiologists and obstetricians.
Neonatology becomes Modernized
Prezi by Angie An
The role of the Neonatal nurse emerges in the 1970s as an effect of the death of JFK's son who died of respiratory distress and immature lungs. He was born thirty-four weeks gestation.
What is it?
Neonatalogy is a field dedicated to the care of newborn infants, especially those who are very ill or premature.
Reasons an infant may be in the NICU
Neonate = New Birth
So what next?
Early 1900s Baby Side- Show
#1 Breathing Problems
#2 Premature
Other conditions such as Jaundice
Lowering Gestation Age
Artificial Womb
Better Technology
1. Name 2 reasons why an infant may be in the NICU
2. Neonate means ______?
3. Whose son really helped start Neonatology?
4. Infants who are born premature are the the majority of those in the NICU. True or False?
5. What are researchers hoping the artificial womb will do?
For candy! ;)
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