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Do governments affect the standard of living?

No description

Rebecca Liu

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Do governments affect the standard of living?

Do governments negatively affect the well being of their citizens?
Factors that contribute to the well-being of an individual
governments have a more positive effect than negative on the well-being of its citizens
only in extreme cases will they have an almost entirely negative effect
Against (using fiction)
-brought upon themselves
-takes advantage of government
-affects governments decisions
-"Why the Sky is Far Away"

Negative Effects
Waste of tax money
Works Cited
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governments provide benefits to those in need
governments provide freedom and rights to citizens
Over Taxation
"The wicked sheriff takes everything we have and gives it to greedy Prince John" -Robin Hood
Discrimination and
"He ordered whole families put in jail"
-Robin Hood
Trend of Safety Index
Trend of Health Care Index
War torn countries score lower
Property to income ratio
Negative Effects
Overall governments improve well-being
Protect and serve citizens
Citizens can be at fault
Fundamental rights
Economic environment
Consistency of leadership
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