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No description

haylee walker

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of ALL ABOUT HAYLEE

The Singer
I started singing at the age of 4. I come from a family of singers. I love to sing to different songs by different artists. Some of the artists that inspired me are Amy whinehouse, and Cher lloyd.
Favorite Music
Drake- Hold On, We're Going Home
Lil Wayne- How To Love
J. Cole- Crooked Smile, & Lost Ones
Rihanna-S.O.S, &Hate That I Love U
Chris Brown-Turn Up The Music
Cher lloyd-Swagger Jagger, & Oath
Amy Winehouse-Rehab
I've been dancing since I was 3. I usually dance hip hop because for me it helps me let out my feelings. My favorite quote about b-girls is :
B-girls are underestimated just because they are girls but wait, they'll take over one day.
In my spare time when I'm not dancing I like to draw. Most of my drawings are mostly faces, eyes, and hands. Sometimes I draw the same thing over and over again because either I don't like how it looks or it seems off.
Amy Winehouse
Born in Southgate, London Amy winehouse was a british singer. She faced trouble through out her live with different things. Her song rehab reflected those things. She passed away on July 23 2011.
Cher is a british singer, song writer, and rapper who is from Malvern, UK. She finished fourth in the seventh season of X- factor.
Over the years with drawing
Over the years i began to draw more harder things like hands with a pencil drawing a rose, or a eagle. Now some of my drawings aren't that good some turn out amazing.
Cher lloyd
Nutcracker 2013
My Besties
I have my five besties

, &
They're always by my side like literally everywhere i go at school if we are free
there they are.
What I plan For My Life In The Future
What I want in my future is for me to a choreographer for celebrities around the world. Most of the time i just want to spend time with my family.
My Goals
Get into Julliard School for Performing Arts
Get a Masters Degree in Dance
Own my own dance studio
Work hard to get my goals completed
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