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Olber's Paradox

No description

Lori Small

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Olber's Paradox

Olber's Paradox
Captain Green




The paradox that says that if the universe was infinitely big and infinitely old, then there would be a star somewhere in the infinitely large universe that would occupy every spot in our night sky making the sky white.
The paradox began with Thomas Digges, and continued with Harrison in 1987 and has done the latest work to date on the paradox. Though the paradox it ultimately credited to Heinrich Wilhelm Olber.
Olber's is the evidence of one or two things, one is that the universe is finite, and the second is that the universe is expanding. Those are the only two explanations that would allow for the black emptiness in the night sky to exist.
Though Hubble is ultimately credited with the discovery of definite evidence that the universe is expanding. Obler's was earlier evidence of special relativity.
Special relativity is a theory from Albert Einstein. which is to say no wave or particle can move faster than the speed of light.
Olber's a pretty cool
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