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employee handbook running man

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Saskia Westrip

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of employee handbook running man

The Interview
The Links!
The Literature
Reducing Turnover!
We Asked...
"I have been with John Lewis for 28 years this year, so they must be doing something to keep me here!

I really enjoy the work that I do, the business is ever evolving with new ideas and this keeps me busy. The team are great here at Norwich and I feel lucky to work with a Branch Manager who is forward thinking and encourages us to try new things"
Thanks for listening! Any questions?
The Handbook of
employee retention and turnover

The proportion of employees who leave an organization in a set period of time (CIPD, 2014)
Voluntarily or involuntarily
How is this problematic for organizations?
Getting recruitment right
Having reward and benefit systems in place
Paying attention to employees personal needs.

The ability of an organization to hold onto employees.

Join/Stay/Leave model
Employers Understanding:
why employees join or leave or stay.
(Torrington, 2011)
Realistic job previews
Opportunity for self development
Building talent pools
Redefining Human Resource Managers roles.
(Hiltrop, 1999)
Factors Influencing Retention
What does your job as personnel manager involve?

Partner Coordination Manager

Four main area's of responsibility:
partner development
commercial awareness
Ability to work up the partnership
development and graduate schemes
Managers meetings
Are there schemes that look to develop partners?
"Non management partner to sponsor, team leader, Specialist, Assistant Section Manager, Section Manager, Department Manager, Branch Manager and beyond!"
Is Reward considered to be important to Waitrose?
"Waitrose seeks to reward its Partners as much as it can. It is hugely important to the business to know that its Partners are happy, feel worthwhile and contribute to the success of the partnership."
Benefits include bonus, ticket subsidy, pension, leisure benefits, discounts and more
"Principle 1" policy
Can you explain to us the bonus system at JLP?
Employees are seen as partners and shareholders in business.
Profits each trading year are split three ways, part is bonus.
it is calculated as a percentage of each partners pay
what is turnover in waitrose like and how does it vary?
Turnover varies between branches, but is higher in those located in London
Many leavers are younger staff
Bigger departments have a higher turnover than smaller ones
Interview with Sam Seddigh
Turnover out of Waitrose HR control
The labor market in London is a significant factor
Lower turnover in non-student employees can possibly be attributed to their partner benefit schemes
clear job pathway
employee progression
firm attractiveness in the labor market - reputation of John Lewis Partnership
Role of HR manager - hiring the right people
suitability for position
look for candidates that will progress well
"nurturing employees"
potential and longevity of employees
Sam Seddigh
Partner co ordination manager
"I believe Partners work harder knowing they will reap the rewards of a higher bonus for every sale they make. It is a huge incentive and a very well-known one!"
reward helps to retain
Partners happy outside work means they are happy inside work
incorporation of employees into the business
(CIPD, 2014)
(Heery and Noon, 2008)
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