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No description

Aga Zet

on 30 December 2012

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Transcript of sikhism

SIKHISM* monotheistic religion founded in 15/16 th century by
Guru Nanak SIKH, SIKHI = learner Guru? guru? Satguru, Vahiguru sikhISM GURUSIKHI GURUMAT different approaches 1. sikhism is a distinct revelation
2. (S)sikhs are "separate nation"
3. sikhism is a blend of hinduism and islam
4. sikhism was derived from hindu tradition
5. sikhism is a hindu samparadaya Guru's names were hindu, not muslim
karma and reincarnation
local tradition based upon a scripture
readiness of hinduism to icnlude, ex. buddism misleading concept
similarities are not evidence where is the border between hindu religion and Indic/North Indian/Indian culture? Guru Nanak
(1469-1539) "There is no hindu no muslim" simplicity ONE GOD, GOD is TRUTH NAM DAN ISHNAN NAM SMARAN

being GURMUKH not MANMUKH equality of all people regardless their gender and background
karman, mukti
need of a Guru
spiritual but NOT solitary path - COMMUNITY 10 human Gurus Angad Das (II)

Amar Das (III)- tradition of LANGAR

Ram Das (IV) - settlement in Amritsar

Arjun Das (V) - titha, dasvandh GURU GRANTH SAHIB Guru Gobind (Singh) 5K
kara KHALSA 1699 shahids
military character

should nots:
giving daughters or sisters in marriage for money
smoking, drinking alcohol
female infanticide
jhatka meat
participation in sangat other factors that shaped sikh identity

Maharaja Ranjit Singh's rule

colonial period, anexion of Punjab

partition trauma Akali Dal

1. campaigns for control of sacred sites
2. for Punjabi speaking state in India
3. 80s and 90s demands for independent
WHO IS THE REAL SIKH???? Akali movement - Gurudwara Reform Movement

anti British
establishing rites different from hindu
(marriage, funeral, naming ceremonies)
management of gurudwaras support in WWI and WWII, no recognition

12 mln displaced,

Punjab divided, 140 sikh shrines in Pakistan operation Blue Star '84
death of I. Gandhi proper-amritdhari? keshdhari? slow adopter - sahajdhari lapsed? - patit sikhism today 20 milion in India, 80% in Punjab
large diaspora in UK and USA 9/11
laws in some countries Ik Oankar
unity of God, one Being
Adi Granth punjabiyat

culture, language (especially its spoken form),
food, dress, festivals, music, dance, humour, do you have to be a sikh
to feel punjabi? project? idea?
movement? different in India and Pakistan
different through ages Agnieszka Żebrowska
University of Warsaw
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