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Kate Munday

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of JAPAN

Ainu tribe
Australian Aborigines
The Aboriginals have been around for 30,000 years living in peace until the English arrived. The English invaders brought new animals, houses, clothes, weapons, convicts and disease. Over in Tasmania Port Arthur was built by the convicts that were sent over from Botany Bay.
The Aboriginals would some times capture the convict and kill them. Also soilders would capture the Aboriginals and kill them.
Reference: Port Arthur

The Ainu tribe have been living in Japan for 14,000 years, 10,000 years before Japanese people. 3 thousand years ago the Ainu tribe homelands we invaded by the children of the sun. The Ainu tribe were killed, enslaved and were driven from their homes like the Aboriginals but the Ainu tribe is slowly being recognizing for who they are. Ainu woman tattoo their mouths and arms. A major religious ceremony is the killing of a pet bear.
Reference: you-tube
With the Olympics being held in Japan in 2020. They are going to build a Ainu Museum to showcase their life and to promote Indigenous people. They are a small group of people slowly being recognized for who they are.
A couple of years ago several Ainu people came to Devonport City.
Reference: Mrs Baker

Minamata in Japan is the sister city to Devonport. A sister city means a "Friendship". They have broken down barriers since WW2. Understanding the culture, has been very important too. Devonport has been friends-engaged with Minamata since 1995, but offically signed by the Mayor of Devonport and Minamata in 1996. 19 years ago.
Minamata has donated to Devonport over the years koi fish, expensive dolls, kimono-bridal wear and a huge lantern which is used now each year to celebrate the lantern festival held at the roundhouse.
Minamata has around 26,000 people living in the city, we have about the same in Devonport.
The Devonport music teachers organised fund raiser for the tsunami. It went directly to the Rotary Club, then sent to Japan Rotary Club.
Some schools also had fundraising too.
Reference: Mrs Beattie
Many charieties helped Japan when the tsunami and earthquake hit in 2011. I rang Mrs Beettie who is a person that is the organiser of the sister city with Minamata. I went around to her house on Monday afternoon and asked her some questions. Mr Beettie also told me that the Rotary Club in Devonport sent money raised to the Rotary Club in Japan.
I have put my answers in slide 8. I got an e-mail from Japan last night. Erik lives in Japan, Minamata. He has sent me a list of charaties.
I am so excited I got a letter from Erik!!
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