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How to make a Prezi

No description

Lisa Highfill

on 14 June 2012

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Transcript of How to make a Prezi

What is a Prezi
How do I make a Prezi?
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
To zoom in,
use the tools
on the right
of the screen.
Step-by-Step Tutorial
on Prezi Basics
Quick Tips on
Presenting & Publishing
Why the Best Prezis use
Grouping & Layering
More help
Some inspiration
Top 5 Reasons to use Prezi instead of PowerPoint
Persuasive presentations
Organizing an argument
Teaching In the 21st Century
Prezi Tips: Screen Shot Resolution
Learn about Prezi Tricks
Prezi Smart Zoom
"Gold" an animated poem
Amazing Wonders of the Solar System
A student sample
Poets Hitchhiking on the Highway by Gregory Corso
Be sure to check out the links on the website or go to prezi.com to search for more support in the section labeled Learn.
There are more great examples
on prezi.com. Just search in the
section labeled Explore.
A Portal to Media Literacy
Kansas State University
prof Michael Wesch
Creativity and Innovation
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Communication and Collaboration
21st century learning skills

A Vision of Students Today
Create a prezi,
or assign your class the task.
It would be great to see them
posted on the page labeled
on the website.
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