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NTUC Income study case

No description

Abdulla AlNuaimi

on 2 March 2013

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Transcript of NTUC Income study case

Conclusion Implementation of New IS Introducing the eBoa life System Problems Encountered Work Process What is NTUC Income Output of the new system Difficulties in implementing the new system Modernization of NTUC Income Introduction Information System Technology Cloud computing is using hardware and software to deliver a service on the network
It provide user with service on the web without the need of downloading a program on your PC
this presentation is done based on this idea where you only needs a computer and an access to the web to create such a service
it will uses an imaginary ( cloud space) to store and edit your presentation One of the largest insurance company in Singapore
Over 1.8 million policy holder
Total assets of 21.3 billion dollar
8 branches across Singapore
NTUC Income goal is to make insurance simple, honest and different Hardware
NTUC Income mainframes were facing break down problems
Backup feature was limited to recover one previous day of data
Three major failure happened and cost six days of shutdown Software
COBOL program used by Income had broken several times
Difficulty in adding new features using the COBOL By
Abdulla M. Al Nuaimi
201280130 Conclusion & Recommendation Customers meeting with the Company’s Agent to fill the forms Forms will be submitted to the branches Forms will be sorted and sent to Department of underwriting Approved proposal will be sent to printing at the Computer Service Department Redistributed to Customers Database
The database was not available for employees on real time bases.
They lost the opportunity for cross-sell policies
Three warehouses were used for storing 45 million documents Analysis of the Problem Mainframes breakdowns?
High availability platforms
Application are raised on two or more servers
New IT infrastructure: Scanners, monitors, fiber optic cables and more storage
up-to-date software and hardware lost of data during breakdown?
Introduce Disaster Recovery Center ( real-time backup)
Data is transmitted on machine data storage Solutions Java based system from eBoa Technology
Has three sub system: Policy Administration, Sales Management and Supplementary Resources
Designed as a customer-centric base
Product Definition Module that supports new products, new channels and changes in the business process Paper work process and massive storage?
All document were scanned and reserve in the database
Training the employee to use the eBoa system High cost in training the employee Establishing an electronic database Securities risks in storing all the documents online Changing the business process to fit the new system Results Efficiency problems
Improve the ability of Cross-sell because of the database
The ability to access the system from any branch 500 staff and 3400 insurance advisor can access the system
The opportunity of cross-sell is available
50% saving in both time and cost
The flexibility in launching new products
The system provided support for employees, customers and brokers Income had faced some problems with their existing information system
The new implementation required changes in the company's infrastructure, software and process
The new system enabled the company to work more effective Recommendations Regular update to the Information system
Create smart phones application to provide better access to the system
IT infrastructure shall adopt the latest technology
Feedback from users has to be considered NTUC Income By charging enough policies to cover for the unexpected insurance payment Investing the money taken from policies and ear returns on investments Questions What were the problems faced by Income in this case? How were the problems resolved by the new digital system?
What types of information system and business process were used by Income before migrating to the fully digital system?
Describe the Information system and IT infrastructure at Income after migrating to the fully digital system
What benefit did Income reap from the new system?
How well is Income prepared for the future? Are the problem described in the case likely to be repeated ?
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