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Mountain Gorilla

this will inform you anout Mountain Gorillas

blake simmonds

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Mountain Gorilla

Mountain Gorillas fun facts The mountain gorilla can live up to 55 years old in captivity.
This type of animal is a vegetarian.
They usually live in dense forests and rain forests. They can grow up to 300 to 425 pounds and 6 feet tall.
There scientific name is Gorilla gorilla beringei. More Fun Facts Mountain Gorillas are endangered because their land, the trees and the grass are getting chopped down to make resources that us humans need. In the 20th century America started hunting and killing these beautiful creatures. Why?!?! You can always donate money to support the bush rangers to keep the land for the gorillas. If enough people protest and speak up about what are they are doing to the Mountain Gorillas we can save some of these amazing animals. What we can do to help. This is a huge mountain From this video you can see the baby mountain gorillas are very playful and friendly. Their fur is a lot thicker and stronger then most of the other gorillas. The adult male Mountain gorillas are called Silverbacks, they are called that because when they get older they grow a silver glow to their fur. Most of their time is spent eating fruit and tree bark to keep their massive bodies going, Physical Description By Blake Simmonds
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