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Business Plan Presentation

MP Productions

Tulio Guillermo

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Business Plan Presentation

presentation MPP Clothing Brand MP Productions ™ - Founders

- Our Mission

- Display their interest for the alternative/electronic music culture. maximum profit - Long term:
Worldwide distribution
*by SMM and SA

- We are currently forecasting our sales
to be 5000 units the 1st year. *30%
increase every following year.
(KKBB Apparel) Company Summary Market Analysis - Young adults between 19 and 29 years old.

- MP Productions and MPP clothing brand

* music enthusiasts
* artists, DJs, promoters, producers, music labels

- What characterizes our target market?
* young, active-lifestyle, passion for music and of course the interest
for a comfortable, stylish and unique look. Company Goals Potential Benefits of Targeting the 21-26 years old crowd... Allows for more direct marketing (because of the majority within this group are college graduates, independent, and not committed.

Combination with certain alcohol brands which could potentially benefit us in the early stages. (consideration of providing companies with "gifts") Target Market How???? 4 P's Product:
Our product will be developed
under the following guidelines.
1. Stylish 2.Quality 3. Comfort
- Different styles depending on the
season will be distributed. Price:
- Our selling price has been set up at $30.
- Prices of competition
- Depending on the type of product the price will fluctuate. Place:
-An online distribution system will be put in place.
- That will allow for reduce costs in early stages.
- Physical Location to store finished goods. - One of our main
distribution goals is
to partner up with
existing clothing
companies similar
to us. (KKBB Apparel,
FirebrandLive, TheGoodLife and the newly established RSR (ReadySetRage.com) Promotion:
- Early stages -> guerilla marketing
- Given the fact that we are a new company
it would be helpful to take advantage of this marketing
- In addition, massive SMM (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube)
- Our main goal is to make our brand go viral.
- Conferences, festivals all over the US in addition to the online store. Strategic Alliances We are new, no reputation, not
enough resources. Why not?? - Strategic Alliances/partnerships are often
better than competing with a huge company
that has the resources available to grow bigger
and to shut us down. Erick Morillo Christina Aguilera Jason Mraz Local company growing by the day shipping? Competition KKBB Apparel:
- Main competition in US.
- Similar business model,
however, they have focused
on only the display of the brand
name (KKBB).
- Focused on the alternative music segment.
(rock/punk, etc) FirebrandLive:
- Not direct competition.
- Ships internationally.
- Based on UK.
- Great Reputation and Customer base.
- Potential partner.
- Similar business model but differs from KKBB
since they do target the electronic music market
segment. Now this is how we make the

Profit Tulio Guillermo Silberberg Edwin Santiago Jr.
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