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May AlRebdi

on 8 December 2013

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Transcript of SOUQ.COM

Site name www.souq.com
Category and business model
Here in this site you can find different categories and business models they are classified into eight basic categories everyone is divided into many of them for example the following figure presents every category and their sub categories
As an example for the one category we can see its subcategories
Firm stakeholder
1- Owners: he is the company owners who found this
site and this project idea.
2- Employers: the site developers and programmers, also the accountants responsible for the account calculations, and the customers care service that help clients customers or buyers.
3- Customers : the people who enters to the site to make shopping
4- Suppliers: the people who enters to the side beside the souq company to sell their products.
5- Creditors: companies or ways to provide payment
like visa , master card and cashu cards.

Revenue Model
Here in this site many revenue models used like
6- Pay for buying products, there is no services.
7- If you are a supplier using their site you can sell through the site and the site take ten percent of price as a fee for buying through them.
8- The day deals can be done but you must pay for this promotion also the supplier can make advertisement on the site also he can pay for this advertisement.

Site user usability
Marketing and advertising strategies:
This site is spread here in KSA and many people use it, also it is working in UAE, Egypt and Kuwait, through the marketing and advertising, they use three main ways:
13- The promotions : where the suppliers or the owner company since about one year constructed a very important thing called Deal day it is a high promotion products , also there is the free shipping and free returns and the most important thing is pay cash on demand which people may don't have popular paying methods like visa or master card.
14- The advertising through sponsored links , into all the famous site you can find these links for souq com , with direct links to deal day or wow deal ( wow deal) permits to buy special products offered with horrible bonus and the fastest one enters to buy who can win it , it is in some times fifty percent discount.
15- The mobile message advertising used in sometimes but not as the same strength of previous ways.

Security solutions:
1- This site permits register the site but only activated through a valid mobile number so, everyone is activated in a secure way.
2- All the payments for visa and master card is protected through the safe buy which asks the buyer for more security buy enter another special password after the card security number and this password can be changed in any time not stable , so it is more secure way.

Payment mechanisms:

There are different paying mechanisms for this site
16- Visa or master card
17- Pay on receive
18- PayPal
19- cashU card

Done By :
May AlRebdi
Maram AlBelaihi

Using the site is an easy thing and anyone can use it with different language interface:
9- The first step you must do is to register the site and activate your mobile number through entering it and sending the activation number to it. Then you can enter you user name and password to access your account.
10- Second step is to explorer site products or search the site to find what you are searching for and press the button add to cart, you can add many products, modify count, delete from the cart. You can see all the product details by clicking the link more details to see all the specifications.
11- As soon as you finish your cart update you press the checkout button the system has many paying method like visa, master
card , cashu , paypal and paying when the goods
arrive you. You choose what you want.

The firm's supply chain
The firm has two strategies in the supply chain, the firm itself as a supplier and in this case products delivered directly to the consumer, the other case is a supplier working with the company and in this case the products delivered from the supplier to the firm then the firm send it to the consumer

The Strength

1- Spread in different places.
2- Different products.
3- Found in different languages.
4- Easy of interface.
5- Good graphical user interface.
6- Good advertising techniques.

The weakness

Too much time to receive products
this is the only weak point so many
customers can replace this ecommerce
order by real world in the market
, but in some cases if ecommerce
product can't be found there is
no way and customer
must wait .
The categories for :
• business to business (B2B)
• business to customer (B2C)
• customer to customer(C2C)
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