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Ice Fishing

No description

Carina Crane

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Ice Fishing

License andTags
To get your license you have a couple choices, you can order it online, go to the Vermont Fish & Wildlife office in Montpelier, or print an application online.
On March 1st & 2nd there is a annual derby at Harriman Reservoir, which is in Wilmington, Vermont.
Where to go Ice Fishing
Some good places to go ice fishing in Vermont are
Lake Champlain and West River Pond in Brattleboro, Vermont. You can go ice fishing anywhere if the body of water has enough ice and fish.
What are the dangers of ice fishing?
Obviously one danger of ice fishing is falling through the ice. (As shown in the picture below). Your vehicle could fall through the ice if the ice is too thin to hold it.
Ice Fishing
Derby's andTournaments
What Are the Most Common Fish Caught?
This image helps you understand the minimum ice thickness guidelines.
By: Carina, Katherine, and Eva
Yellow and white Perch are the most common fish caught, especially in the shallower areas. Pike, Salmon, Walleye, and Lake Trout are also common in Lake Champlain.

What do You Need to go Ice Fishing
You need shelter, a fishing pole, tackle, and an ice auger. An ice auger is a tool you use to drill holes in the ice. Tackle is bait you use to catch the fish with.
Ice Fishing Records in Vt
One of the biggest fish caugt while ice fishing in Vermont was a Walleye (type of fish) it weighes 14.55 pounds, on average a trophy size walleye weighs about 8-12 pounds.
This is the 14.55 pound walleye.
This is an average size walleye
This is an ice auger.
A trophy size fish is big fish, larger than usual.
These are yellow and white Perch
What is Ice Fishing?
Ice fishing is when you fish through holes in the ice.
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