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artur mak

on 20 January 2014

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Red Bull ELITE
Concept behind
Red Bull Elite
Tribal personality
Tribal lifestyle
Tribal needs and Wants
•They love wearing branded stuff.
•They love working out .
•Health conscious .
•Infatuated with tattoss.
• Ambitious about sports.
•Very athletic/ Love playing sports.
•Ideal defenition of a Urban Lifestyle
•Enthusiastic/ Full of energy/ Rigirous activity

•Needs: Maintain good health, Healthy food.
•Wants: Good body image, tattoos, hair tints, Modern fashion style, Spontaneous activities.
•Political- Problems arising from the(ACCC) might forbid sales of Red Bull elite In Australia and New Zealand. although Elite was cleared for the levels of taurine and glucuronolactone used .

•Economic- Since the product is manufactured in Red Bull's Austrian factories, outlets in Sydney has opted to import the supplements when taxes have reduced along with inflation rates in Australia.

•Social- Negative social media influnces claiming Red Bulls negative side effects might affect future sales.
Macro Analysis
Porter's Five Forces Analyis
Competitive Rivalry
Threat of substituion
Eilte will be difficult to substitute but health concerns will cause a bit of problems.
Only Substition that might affect Elite would be organic drinks.
Buyer Power
Promoional mixes will be introduced to promote Elite's Sales at a same price of our normal Red Bull drink.
Customers wont tend to have barganing leverage positivley influencing us.
Threat of new entry
Our technology used to create the enhanced energy drink formula is confidential.
Entering the market will be very difficult since our Distribution network has been established years before.
Elite focuses on Loyal Customer Sales.
Supplier Power
When inputs are not a big component of costs, suppliers of those inputs have less bargaining power.
Low cost inputs positively affect us.
Our established brand as well as network dosent require us to bargain with new suppliers
Elite will be sold at normal Red Bull can prices if consumers hold a loyalty card.
When initaiting sales, it will be sold at high prices.
Sales Initiating will be introduced after our first campaign in Sweden in approxiametly 4 months at double the price of a normal Red Bull can.
When Elite becomes popular with the public prices will gradually drop to meet customer needs. ( Information will be based on sales recorded during 2014)
Promotion strategy
Product strategy
Rock Star Energy Drink
Elite can be induced in three difrrent manners
As a normal energy drink used to provide energy
As a supplement for certain enhancers
As a recovery supplement used after a stressfull workout or activity.
Price Strategy
Monster Energy Drink
New staff will be hired to further promote Elite during Meta Campaigns.
Staff will include former Red Bull girls as well as new motivated recruits.
New career options will be available on the website after Elites launch in order to recruit more enthusiastic people wanting to join the Red Bull Team.
Mother Energy Drink
Promise and Support Elite campaign will be launched focusing on body and brain health.
Push Vs Pull strategy will be introduced as benefits and values are announced, expecting critical demand in response.
Commercials as well as motivational clips.
Most sport celebrities will be used to promote Elite as part of our "Any Thing is Possible" campaign.
Ads in magazines as well as social media will be launched.
IMC Strategy
Core Product
: Brand/Expanding it.
Actual product
: explains the products quality, features as well as its benefits.
The augumented
product includes the problem solving services and the core benefits the consumers are really buying when they obtain the product.
Elite is at the Introduction stage of the product lifecycle as it is now the only enhanced product soon to be released in the market.
The objective at this stage in the product lifecycle is to promote Elite to as well as distribute it as fast as possible while increasing awarness.
By doing this, we are making a diverse change to our product line by focusing on enhancement, Saftey( health wise), and uniqueness compared to our competitors.
Product life cycle
Market Gap
Energy drinks main purpose is to mainly increase and revitalize lost energy through physical, mental exercise.
Enhancers have large side effects which make individuals scared to use them not mentioning they'r illegal.
Red Bull Elite is the center of Energy drinks and enhancers, as it doesn't have any side effects and shows quicker results with an efficent recovery.
Ideal Customer
Competetive Athletes
Business/Working class
Urban Mind Set
Priorotizes Physical
Marco Analysis
•Technological- : As technology plays no factor in harming Elite whatsoever but rather improves it, (examples such as the stratos jump proves a solid example of that), we face slight to non-existing harm when it comes to this domain.

•Environmental- Biodegradable cans will be used to help protect the enviroment from further pollution.

•Legal- Any new type of rule and regulation regarding health and fitness can affect sales.
Red Bull Elite is a part of a campaign that launches on the 5th of Febuary 2014 during the world rally championship in Hagfors,Sweden.
We realized the increase in market demand for a safe enhancing supplement to use that provides energy and recovers simultaneously.
It was an obvious oppurtunity to expand our product line and create a variety of energy drinks that satisfies our customers.

What we aim to do is pull on the customers heart strings
to get them to purchase Elite as a high end product that will
have an effect on them in one way or another.
Because of its high quality, its used as a status symbol or as a connection to the individual's deep-seated interests.
To put it bluntly the idea we'r selling is, after you drink Elite, you will be reborn Super Human makes an old man wanna give Elite a shot.

Above the line Advertisment :
Press Confrences will be held discussing the release date of Elite.
Magazine Ads in Red Bulletin, Transworld and Slam Magazine have been issued for the coming months.
Billboard Ads will be placed in demographic positions adressing our target market.
Hip radio stations will air all upcoming events of our future Elite Campaigns.
Street Maketing
Our staff will be located around the area where events and campaigns will take place to create more awarness and buzz for Elite.
Staff will be located at most University events distributing free samples of Elite.
Social Media:
An Elite fan page will be created displaying accurate dates of upcoming events and detailed information about Elite.
Surveys online will be conducted primarly focusing on feedback.
Links to our Twitter/Instagram can be found on our Facebook page.
Semi Loyal Red Bull
V Energy Drink
High Quality
Low Quality
Low Price
High Price
Internalizing and externalizing
( Pricing, Packaging,promotions)
Unique exclusive quality
Safety when it comes to caffeine
and taurine quantity
Exclusive Styling
Enhanced Energy Formula
(Provides Energy and Recovers Simultaneously)
Elite Loyalty Cards for
Certain promotional events
Health Warrarnty For Feed Back
Free samples during
promotional events.
Nutrutional Information
Variety of flavors
Low Calories/Sugar Free
Product Map
Sales and
profit $
Loss and Investment
-Intensive distribution aims to provide saturation coverage of the market by using all available market outlets such as:
Super markets
Coffee Shops
Convenience Stores
Resturants etc..
Demographics : 16 to 30 years they account for the major share of the customer base. ( Mostly compiled of Students, Working Professionals, Sports Enthusiasts, Athletes)
Geographics: We focus on Semi urban and urban cities as it includes our major consumer base.( Class A & B cities followed by metropolitan locations)
Psychographic/Behaviour: Most of our consumer Base will be focused on Business class working class and student life style that are enthusiastic and semi loyal to our product, filled with ambition and open to new experiences.
2. Embracing Social Media:Tweets are pouring in for #stratos and the @RedBullStratos account. The team encourages viewers to ask questions via their Facebook and Twitter pages. The Red Bull Stratos page already had over 576,000 likes.
Instead of asking users to contact via email, we encourage the public to use social media! It’s a much more open form of communication that is being widely adopted by younger and older generations.

Process & Physical Evidence
Most of our Processing as well as Physical evidence is displayed on our meta campaigns as well as championship events.
We use these events to further create emotinal value for Red Bull to consumers and customers alike procreating how we deliver our products unsurpassed an unrivaled as possible.
Our IMC strategy will mainly be focused on Emotional appeal and Below the Line strategies heavily reliant on campaigns and motivational Ads as well as social marketing. Above the line strategies will not be neglected as well.
Below the line strategy :
The approach we take in marketing is very exclusive to what our competitors do. Some might call it revolutionary but point is we take time in creating an exclusive breathtaking event that captures the hearts of many.
At red bull we have three simple rules we usually follow when it comes to viral marketing.
1. Go Big or Go Home: What made the Red Bull Stratos jump such a success as a marketing stunt was the fact that it broke records.
More than 7.1 million people tuned in to watch the live jump on YouTube, setting an Internet video record.
3. Just Jump : Breaking traditional marketing ways is what we aim for. We ask, what’s fun about door to door marketing? We must continue to push boundaries and break away from the usual into the unusual. Try things that have never been done before and harness the results. Give the people something they have never seen before. THAT IS RED BULL
IMC Schedule/Budget
Our IMC Schedule will take off at the World Rally Championship 5th of Feb 2014 in Hagfors,Sweden.
Followed by the Red Bull Music academy's Sonar Stockholm Feb 14-16 2014 in Münchenbryggeriet, Stockholm.
Ending the 1st Elite campaign at the Simple Session Skate Boarding event that takes place during the 22-23 Feb in Tallin, Estonia.
That will sum up 30 % of the total marketing budget.
After Elites product Launch late Feb 2014 new meta campaigns will be conducted concluding 60% of the total marketing budget used.
The Growth/Maturity Phase during Fall/Spring 2014 will use 10% and 15% respectivley, while the Decline phase in 2015 will use the final 15% remaining from the budget.
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