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Forever Strong

No description

Megan Barbosa

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Forever Strong

Teachable Moment #1
Teachable Moment #2
Feedback Questions?
Teachable Moment #3
Rick Penning, the 17-year-old star player on his coach/father's rugby team, lands inside the Wasatch County Juvenile Detention Center following his second drunk driving conviction (and where his father leaves him to rot). Mistrust and dislike of the situation makes Rick anything but a model prisoner, but counselors at the center nonetheless hook him up with the Highland Rugby Team, a team renowned for its long string of successive state championships. Its coach, Larry Gelwix, has a surprisingly unexpected philosophy: train boys to be champions in life first, then on the field. Rick doesn't buy into this, which could earn him some time in State Prison if he doesn't turn his life and attitude around by the time he turns 18.
Teacher: Juvenile Detention Center Counselor
Learner: Rick Penning (Main Character)
Lesson Learned: After Underage Drunk Driving resulted in landing his girlfriend in the hospital in critical care, he was sent to live in a juvenile detention center. When entering the detention center, he didn't think he did anything wrong he had a bad attitude and serious anger issues. The counselor shows him there are far more important things to live for than being defiant and angry all the time. That's when he learned he needed to change.
Teacher: Rugby Coach Gelwicks
Learner: Rick Penning (Main Character) and Father
Lesson Learned: When the coach recruits Rick to play for his team his father that coaches for te other team decides to give up on him and tells him he is a big mistake. Coach Gelwicks decides to be that fatherly role model for him teaching him how to respect himself and others. His father learns by the end of the movie that he should be a father first and a coach after. it's not all about winning its about his son winning in life.
1. Have you ever had an experience when you realized a good friend of yours wasn't really a true friend?

2. Can you relate to Rick Penning the Main Character? Was there ever a time where you were rebellious and had an epiphany where you decided to change for the better?

3. Did you ever go through hard times or a death in your life that changed the way you were or your life in general?
Teacher: Rick's friend Gary
Learner: Rick Penning (Main Character)
Lesson Learned: When Rick was sent to the detention center. His family and old friends already gave up on him. He learned that his friends were not true friends they only cared about winning like his father. When this boy came to the detention center to help him shape up and play for the rugby team, he never gave up on him. When Gary died he realized life was to short to waste. I felt like that was the turning point in the movie.
Megan Barbosa
Professor Friars
Teachable Moments
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