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Harding Primary May 2018 Staff Meeting

No description

Jeff Ewing

on 30 August 2018

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Transcript of Harding Primary May 2018 Staff Meeting

Harding Primary May 2018 Staff Meeting

New Staff 2018-2019
Sarah McCrery-
Special Education
End of Year Items...
5-11 VIP Day
5-22 Fire Drill @ 10:45
5-24 Career Day
5-25 School Store
5-29 Fun Day/Brooks/Attendance Assembly (raffle)
Don't forget to back your computers up!

Andrea Callaway-
Art Education
The EvaluWise™ teacher evaluation software and app is the single most effective digital tool for streamlining and improving the teacher evaluation process.
Building Information
HVAC Systems
August Return Date
Room phones
August 2018
Mentoring Program
Early Out Friday
1st 8 Days
ESP Role in ERF
New ELA Curriculum

Through research-tested strategies, purposeful technology, and powerful data that informs instruction, Wonders supports your efforts to guide your students to success.
Audrey Utterback-Speech Instructor
Esther Martinez Iborra-
2nd Grade Bilingual
One year agreement 6 hours of webinar training.

Looking at 2 hours of training at the beginning of the year with 4 hours scattered during the year. Planning to have 4 hours of training available during early release days and/or in-service days.
ESSA-School Improvement Plan:
District/Building Committees

Grade Level Chair
(1 per grade level)
School Culture and Climate Improvement Team (PBIS)
Instructional Leadership and Professional Development Team
Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment (MTSS-Tier 2 RtI) Team
Family and Community Engagement Team

(8 reps per building.. 2-4 per group..think about what a coaches
stipend is..)
*All positions will be expected to help write, implement, and monitor the school improvement plan.
Room Changes

Art and Music will be in the current music room.
Sarah M. (Cross Cat) will be the current art room.
General Purpose Meeting Room in current 2nd grade cross cat.
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